In praise of Israpundit and Ted Belman

By Ted Belman

Occasionally, I receive emails of praise and appreciation.

A few of such emails have been added to this post.

From time to time I will add more .

I was first introduced to ISRAPUNDIT by an associate at the US National Security Agency who has outstanding connections throughout the middle east. [He later served as a top official at the US Department of Energy.] Since then I and many of my associates, both military and civilian, regularly read ISRAPUNDIT for its wide range of interesting, valuable articles. Ted Belman deserves our highest accolades for the first-rate product that he produces.

To enable you to evaluate my wholehearted endorsement of ISRAPUNDIT, let me reproduce part of the Vita prepared by the US Department of Defense in conjunction with some of my DoD advisory activities.

Attachment1: Howard Laitin Torrance : California : United States

Harvard, Ph.D.(Economics; Public Health). National Defense University Graduate Program; U.S. Army Command and General Staff College; Career Officer Course; Lt. Col. USA (Retired).

Chief Scientist, Hughes Aircraft Company & Raytheon Corporation (Retired). Adjunct Professor of Engineering, USC. Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health, UCLA. Registered Professional Engineer (California).

Consultant/Advisor: Center for Strategic and International Studies; Hudson Institute; Institute for Defense Analyses; Rand Corporation; Government Accountability Office; Office of Management and Budget; Department of Defense; Department of Health and Human Services; Department of Transportation; US Treasury. Army Science Board; National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration; National Science Foundation. US Customs Service.; US Public Health Service.

Chairman Environmental Quality Programs: Governor Ronald Reagan, Governor Jerry Brown.

You are doing fantastic work, and I am sure that all your readers appreciate it. You are amazingly thorough, and you select items of merit on the most important issues. I don’t think anyone in the world can match you.

“I recall a silly reader who claimed that he stopped reading Israpundit because he disagreed on just one point. That’s an absurd attitude. If you read only things you agree with, you will never learn anything. Besides, you won’t even understand your own positions, because you won’t know the alternatives to them, the arguments against them, and how to answer them.”

I read it everyday, Ted, and have sent it around to many others! It’s a great aggregate site for conservative news both in Israel and the USA, as well as around the globe! The editorial pieces are also excellent! Thank you!

“What a great forum that is here at Israpundit. Lots of different opinions, but in the end we are all family and one.

Thank you for all of you for contributing your thoughts and opinions. They all really mean a lot to me! I go to Israpundit every single day, and also because of the comments, i.e. the discussion behind the articles.

And especially thank you for you, dear Mr. Belman. You’re an outstanding person, a gentleman, very smart, intellectual, and – or but what matters the most – with a good heart! G’d bless you.

Email received from Ellen Mendel, LCSW, NCPsyA
President, Alfred Adler Institute of NY
Adlerian Analyst, Private Practice

Your work is amazing! I have watched your excellent interview and listened to and read the research you have done which has helped me connect the dots! Israpundit is my daily go-to! It’s a great idea to have Very Good News Israel to remind others of the amazing work that Israel has done to help the rest of the world. Keep up the good work!

Perhaps, it doesn’t much matter what I think, but in my book, Ted is great on so many levels. His opinions are always well informed, and effectively communicated. The amount of work he puts out is impressive, and, as a news aggregtor on matters that are important to me, I depend on Ted heavily. Ted Belman is an essential part of my intellectual life.

Am Israel Chai

Email from David L Cohen, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret)

Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts at keeping your audience aware of what is going on in Israel as well as worldwide Jewish issues.
I look forward to reading your material every day and passing them on to my own distribution lists.
Your selections tend to be both timely and important.
As you know, there are only a handful of Jewish writers (Caroline Glick, Melanie Phillips, Jack Eberhart, and you) whose postings convey reality on the ground whether in Israel, the Middle East, the US, the EU, UK, etc.
Certainly a tribute to them and you for quality, accuracy, and timeliness.
Keep doing what you are doing as long as you can.
You are a much valued commentator, a star at what you do.
Very much appreciated.
Most sincerely,

Yes, I absolutely agree. Israpundit is a wonderful resource, which I often forward to friends and family in various countries around the world as well as here in the UK. There is such a dearth of real information about Israel, and the western MSM are so biased, that Israpundit is filling a vital gap. We advocates for Israel need this newsletter for our voluntary work, and to counter all the negative views of Israel that are so widely read.Thank you so much, Ted. Am Israel Chai!

And be sure to read the comments also.