In-Person and Online Advertising Techniques

Business owners have more options on how to advertise today than they ever did in the past. By using both in-person (in-real-life) advertisements and online marketing, business owners can ensure they are exposing their business to as many people as possible. Every good business owner knows that the more people who see the advertisement, the more people are likely to step into your store and buy something.


In-person and in-real-life advertising hasn’t changed much since… well, since it started. In-person advertising has always been about catching the customer’s eye and spreading business information through word of mouth. Both of these concepts still apply when advertising today, as much as they did in the 1400s.

Posters and other colorful advertisements are perfect for catching a customer’s attention. Business owners can place posters announcing sales inside of their business or in public locations. Placing a colorful ad in a newspaper or magazine can work the same magic.

Outside of print advertising, businesses with an open storefront can decorate and showcase new and exciting items to draw more people into the store. Business owners can design their storefront to advertise whatever they want. However “adult” stores should restrain from putting anything children shouldn’t see in the front window, as this could do more to deter people, rather than invite them in. Instead, business owners should focus on putting colorful and eye-catching items in the window. If a sale is going on, the window is the perfect place to advertise that as well.


Nowadays, online advertising and digital marketing are crucial for businesses to develop a good online reputation. There are an almost unlimited number of ways business owners can advertise their business online. Business owners with a little technical know-how can do most of these advertising techniques themselves, but they should hire a digital manager if they are less than computer-savvy.

Using social media to reach out to customers is probably one of the most popular ways online advertising is used today. Business owners can make a business profile on most social media websites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are all great choices. Once a business owner makes an account, they can post advertisements for free or for a set fee. Only people who follow the business’s page or search for it will be able to see free posts. Paid advertised posts are seen by random people. Anyone who sees either kind of post can “share” it, which can help the post reach more people, regardless of if they are following the business’s page or not.

Looking away from social media, businesses can also use online marketing by buying ad space on various websites. There are a couple of ways to do this. One way is to contact the website owner directly and make them an offer. Most website owners are used to working with advertisers, so they will likely already have a set price and guidelines set in place. If a business owner does not have any websites in particular that he or she wants to work with, then using Google ads is a way to automate the process. Google ads help business owners find great places to put their ads online, as well as set up codes to place ads where you want them on your own website or the website of your choosing. However, this may be more expensive than contacting website owners directly. It all depends on which sites a business owner wants to advertise on.

Using in-person and online advertisements separately can do a lot to get any business a little more attention. Using them together can help any business get a lot more attention. Use the tips in this article for your business’s next advertising campaign. While these tips aren’t fool-proof, they are pretty close to it. Just make sure to use common sense and try to stick to using popular and safe websites for online advertising.


Adil Husnain

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