In Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro you have adventurous peaks for climbing

You might have climbed and scaled Himalayan peaks or the snowbound Alps in Switzerland, but have you ever thought of attempting a climb at Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya? These two mountains are vastly different from the colder Alps and Himalayas because at each landing or level you will experience different vegetation and climate. If you are planning for mountain climbing episodes you will find the above mentioned peaks in Africa quite unusual and exciting.  Mountain climbing trips are available through organizers and you can book one for yourself and try your might when you come to Eastern Africa. 

Mountain climbing is made easy if you have premier information on terrain, climates, pathways and the possible obstacles that you may encounter on the way. Let us explore Mount Kenya first:

Mount Kenya

Being the highest in Kenya and second highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro, Tanzania it is most revered monolithic structure in the country by the natives and most admired by foreign visitors. This mountain is unique because it was formed 3 million years ago as a volcano. It was permanently capped with ice and has several peaks and glaciers till date. It is located in the Eastern and Central provinces of Kenya. Batian is the highest peak in the mountain and it measures at 5,199 meters and Nelion is the second tallest peak at 5,188 and finally Point Lenana at 4,985 meters which may be easier to capture.  The mountain was 7,000 meter in height before the glaciations. The consequent eroding of slopes created a number of valleys starting from the top. The glaciers may go after 2-3 decades as global warming and denuding of forests is taking place all around the peak. The glazed peaks are preceded by thick forests and you will find Alps species endemically occupying the mountain slopes. The mountain is listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO and designated as a National Park. The mount is located in a sprawling 715 square kilometres and receives more than 16,000 visitors every year. The climate can be varying with each stage of the climb and you will need an expert guide to take you to the peaks. If you are a small group of 2 or 3 you can climb on your own otherwise no admission will be granted. At Mt Kenya it is summer every day and winter every night. You must acclimatize yourself if you have made up your mind to climb the mountain. 

Mount Kilimanjaro 

It is a torment volcano located in Tanzania and has 3 numbers of volcanic cones namely Kibo, Shira and Mawenzi. It is the tallest mountain in Africa and also the highest free standing mountain at 5895 meters. This mountain is considered as the fourth most prominent mount topographically and the mount if a component of Kilimanjaro National park. The mountain is subjected several scientific studies and its glaciers and ice fields are fast dissipating and may disappear altogether by 2035. The mount may take 5-9 days to reach the peak and the more you stay in the mountain and acclimatize yourself the better the chances of capturing the summit. The trails of the mountain is not steep and you will have a tough time when you reach the top as it is the most dangerous part of the climb as you will be swamped by ice winds and cold weather. Take a guide with you who should also be a technical climber. 

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