Improving Customer Service Skills for your BPO Company

Every business’s success depends on its ROI and customer satisfaction, which is why all companies pay huge emphasis on strengthening customer experience. BPO companies like undertake the responsibility of managing customer support for several partners, thus improving customer service skills is indispensable for them.

When we talk about call center outsourcing companies, India call centers have a name in the market, as they are famous for offering splendid customer support services. Most companies that outsource their customer support to offshore countries look forward to Indian BPO firms, as India offers an in budget and splendid service solution.

Customer satisfaction is integral and can affect any business’s success, thus most companies look forward to an external partner having an expert team to look after the call answering responsibility. However, how can these BPO firms taking care of multiple clients at the same time? How can they offer uninterrupted services?

Well, some customer service skills are essential to know! Call center firms need to emphasize specific sections so that maintaining customers’ interest in multiple partners is easier. Customers can contact through multiple platforms, thus maintaining satisfaction on each platform is vital.

If you are a BPO company willing to improve your customer service skills, some factors need consideration. Customer service is crucial and helps to increase sales for the business, thus any threat to the same is unimaginable. Looking forward to improving your service skills?

Check out the Factors to Consider for Augmented Customer Support:

Personalized Messages

To improve your business’ customer service skills, consider personalized messages/replies to the client. When a customer asks about a business service, or inquires about any probable shortcoming, offering personalized messages are beneficial. 


As a BPO firm offering customer service solutions, offering personalized service to the customer is delightful. Customers love to receive a personalized message/reply from their service provider, thus such activity can uplift satisfaction levels.

Imagine receiving a personalized reply from the providers’ side mentioning you by your name. Won’t you feel delighted to have a message from your service providers’ side? Well, this is why BPOs need to emphasize sending personalized messages/replies, as it helps to augment customer satisfaction levels.

Altogether, all a company wants is boosted customer satisfaction and a strengthened brand image!

Addressing the Customers by their Name

To improve the business’ customer support service, BPO companies need to start addressing their partners’ customers by their name. Taking the customers’ names, you can allow the customer to have a personal feel.

A friendly approach helps the customer feel reliable towards the service provider. Using the customers’ names while on call or on email improves the customers’ experience, so why avoiding it!

Don’t think that the customer might find it dis-respectful, however, ask your client whether she/he is comfortable and continue with the chat.

Always Thank the Customers!

All BPOs including India call centers emphasize thanking customers whenever there is an opportunity. Why? Well, customers are the business brand ambassadors, so why missing an opportunity to thank them ever!

Customers can help your company advertise the business service to more audiences easily, thus satisfaction maintenance is integral. Moreover, potential customers rely on reviews more, thus you’re loyal partners can bring you great help with word-of-mouth considerations, thus always thank them for being there and earn a good name, so that the customers talk about you to other interested prospects too.

As a BPO company, you have to handle multiple calls, thus do not leave any chance to thank the customer for collaborating with you. By doing so, you can keep the customer satisfied and feel privileged.

A Positive Take on Customer’s Mistakes

It is not the business that makes a mistake always! At times, the customer may not handle your service well and may land into unreasonable issues. Here is where it is important to end the customers’ mistakes on a good note so that they maintain their loyalty forever.

To enhance customer service skills, BPO companies need to train their agents to handle customer mistakes well. Try to welcome a solution and help the customers’ know where they went wrong in a positive way. This way the customers get a notion of care from their service providers and they tend to be your loyal partners forever.

The company’s brand image is vital and supreme, thus BPOs should always train their agents to look for an opportunity to fix the customers’ mistakes positively.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

All call centers including India call centers emphasize the significance of rewarding loyal customers. Why so?

Well, every call center company interacts with multiple customers all day to maintain satisfaction levels. To ensure that customers’ are satisfied forever and do not look forward to the competitor, it is important to reward the clients on time.

Rewarding the customers, BPOs can drive more sales. When customers feel that their service providers think about them, they tend to stay longer.

For example, your BPO firm handles customer support for an E-commerce website and you have customers who help you with positive reviews helping you earn more leads. Here is where you need to reward your customers with reward points or maybe a coupon to make them realize that their presence matters for the company too.  

This way, you can maintain customer satisfaction and can even initiate customers to be your partners in the future too.

Omni-Channel Service

To augment customer support service for your BPO Company, Omni-channel support is obligatory. Customers can contact you on any channel and can ask for 24X7 service, thus service availability on multiple channels is essential to sustain the brand image.

Furthermore, if your call center company is aspiring to improve its customer service skills, offering Omni-channel support is all more crucial. In today’s revolutionized epoch where customers can contact over calls, email, messages, social media messages, etc. it is requisite to offer Omni-channel support so that no customer is missed leading to customer dissatisfaction.

It is been seen that 64% of the customers are even looking forward to real-time support, so why avoiding multichannel assistance?

If your BPO firm wishes to woo more customers and enhance its support to the customer, offering Omni-channel assistance with 24X7X365 service is integral.

Instant Help on Social Media

When customers contact BPO companies, they expect an instant response! Are you capable enough to offer the same? Well, if your BPO Company wishes to augment its customer service operation, instant assistance on social media is important.

When the customers have to wait long to get their issues resolved, it tends to dissatisfy them compelling them to search for another provider. However, answering the client instantly helps to maintain the brand image with splendid support services. If reports are to be believed, 32% of customers expect a response within 30 minutes, thus if you are working hard to augment customer satisfaction with boosted service levels, make sure you answer your customers instantly on social media.

Giving an on-time response, companies also build a good repo and increase sales, as other potential customers who may be searching for a provider with instant support may turn towards you.

Offer Self-Service Solutions

The self-service option allows the customers to help themselves in case of an inquiry by reading query resolution over the business website or through FAQs etc. 

As per a Zendesk survey, around 53% of people think that it is vital to resolve one’s own service-related problem without third-party intervention.

Thus, if you wish to augment your customer support service, emphasize helping the customers with self-service options. Make the same available through systematic tutorials or an in-depth knowledge giving FAQ section.

If you have more ideas for BPO firms to augment their customer service skills, do share with us!