Improved accessibility of telegram applications

The Telegram team has been working hard to make our apps more accessible to everyone. You can download the latest versions of our apps here:

Main Screen

The main screen is where you’ll see a list of contacts, groups, channels, and bots. It’s also where you can change your profile picture or username.

Conversation Screen

-Highlighted text

-Highlighted links

-Highlighted emojis

-Highlighted stickers (and emoji sticker packs)

-Highlighted media (photos and videos) in messages, chats, and channels. This includes voice messages, video messages, photos, and documents sent in chats.

In the side menu, there is a new section that contains all your highlighted messages and stickers. You can also access this section by tapping on the “Highlights” icon in the top right corner of any conversation or chat room.

Navigation Menu

To change the language of the Telegram application(Telegram应用程序), go to Telegram settings > Language. To change the theme of the Telegram application, go to Telegram settings > Theme (if you are using Android). If you want to change both language and theme at once — simply go through all your applications instead of going through them separately.

How to change the language of Telegram for Android? 1. Open the Telegram application on your mobile device and tap on the “More” button at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Tap on the “Settings” option and then tap on “Language”. 3. Select your desired language from the list of available languages and tap on the “Save” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Contact Selection Screen

The Contact Selection Screen

The contact selection screen allows you to add new contacts and invite people to groups. You can also remove contacts from this screen by clicking the trashcan icon next to their name, or search for a specific person using the search bar at the top of the page.

The contact selection screen is also where you can edit and change the information for existing contacts. To do this, simply hover over the contact’s name, then click on their profile picture or name.

Settings Screen

To access the settings screen, tap on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Once in Settings, tap on Accessibility Options:

The accessibility options are accessible only when you have enabled accessibility features for Telegram. If you want to turn them off again, simply go back through these steps and toggle off all of the checkboxes that were checked before. You can also change any other setting at this point by tapping on it, making sure it is toggled off if necessary,and then tapping Save to save what changes you’ve made before closing out of Settings.

If you are having trouble with Telegram or any other app, please try to clear the cache and data of the app. To do this on Android devices: Go to Settings > Apps > Telegram or whichever app is giving you problems Tap Force Stop and Clear Cache (sometimes called “Clear Data”)

Help and Feedback Screen

To make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need, we’ve introduced a new Help and Feedback screen that is easily accessible from the main menu.

This screen features several buttons that can be used to quickly access different types of information:

-Features: This will show you all of the key features available in Telegram Messenger (Telegram信息)including calls, stickers, and games. You can also search by keyword if you are having trouble finding something specific.

-What’s New: This section highlights some of our latest updates so that you never miss out on anything new added directly into Telegram Messenger!

-Feedback: If there is anything else that needs fixing or improving then please let us know by filling out this form at any time! We take feedback very seriously because we want your experience using our apps to be perfect every time. As such, we appreciate any suggestions on how we could improve upon existing functionality by filling out this form here anytime!”

Finally, let’s summarize

We released a new version of our applications with some improvements to accessibility. The first one is an improved UI for the telegram chat, showing more information in each message and making it easier for screen readers to consume.

The second one is a new accessibility mode for our apps using TalkBack on Android devices. This mode can be activated from the settings menu under “Accessibility” and allows users with visual impairments to use our applications without relying on voice input alone (which was previously required).