Improve Your Property’s Kerb Appeal with a New Driveway

A better kerb appeal is a great way to increase your property’s value, especially if you are looking to either put the property on the market or just make a great impression. So how exactly can you maximise your property’s kerb appeal? Well, in addition to touching up the paint job and tidying up your yard, getting a new driveway is something you should definitely take a look at. In this article, we have come up with a few driveway ideas you can use to increase your property’s kerb appeal.

Block paving driveway

This type of driveway is constructed using coloured concrete blocks carefully placed with an asymmetric pattern to fit your driveway. The pattern is usually custom-built to give your driveway a unique look that isn’t repeated anywhere else. However, the cost of the materials and the extra time taken to custom-build your own unique driveway pattern makes installing a block paving driveway quite expensive. The installation process also requires the expertise of a well-qualified specialist because if laid incorrectly, the blocks can move, which causes an uneven surface. Even though a block paving driveway seems like an expensive choice, the investment is well worth it to give you a driveway that stands out and increases your property’s kerb appeal. 

Resin-bound driveway

Resin-bound driveways are gaining all the popularity these days, and with good reason. The fact that they are easy to install, highly durable and made from a permeable solution which allows easier drainage of water are just some of its many benefits. Resin-bound driveways also boast a high diversity of available colours and finishes, so you can pick a colour that makes your property stand out and improve its kerb appeal. Other benefits include; no planning permission requirements, minimal maintenance and being environmentally friendly.

Tarmac driveway

Installing a tarmac driveway is a way to give your property a classic look. This driveway is also a popular choice because of its durability, weather-resistance and cost-effectiveness. Although the colour choices are limited, there are still some unique colours available to give your driveway its own individual look.

Imprinted driveway

This can be considered as a cheaper alternative to a block paving driveway. During installation, a layer of concrete is trowelled onto a prepared base before a specific pattern is used to make an imprint giving it the appearance of a block paving driveway. There are also a variety of colours and prints to choose from in order to give your property a unique feel and appearance.

Driveway accessories

In addition to a new driveway, installing some paving accessories to complement your new grey resin driveway is also a great way to improve kerb appeal. Some common driveway accessories you can consider include;  driveway lights (flood lights, LED and solar lights), driveway borders (stone wall, flower beds) and a driveway gate. You can also consider some driveway edging as it not only makes your driveway look more appealing but protects it from cracking and chipping.


Kerb appeal is always an important consideration when it comes to evaluating your property’s value, so it is vital to carry out regular home improvements and upgrades to keep it up. Investing in a new driveway (and driveway accessories) is one of those ways you can instantly transform your property’s exterior and improve it’s kerb appeal. For the best outcome, always ensure to hire professionals to handle all your driveway installations.


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