Important Web Design Elements Everyone Should Know About

In today’s time and age, surviving without having a strong online presence is nearly impossible for any business, irrespective of its nature and scale. And when it comes to online presence, web design makes for its integral part. With smooth and efficient web design, there are high chances of lead conversion, which is the ultimate goal of every business entity.

A lot of companies hire professional website designers while others outsource this task. No matter which option you are going with, there are some web design elements and tips every business owner should be aware of. Knowing these things will help you to give your input when getting your website designed.

Let’s have a look at them:

Load Time

Load time, as the name suggests, is the time a website takes to load. It majorly depends on the design of the webpage. As there’s cut-throat competition in the digital world, it has become important than ever that your web design should be perfect in every regard. You shouldn’t give any reason to your website visitor to move to the next option. Thus, keep the load time to the minimum otherwise, the user wouldn’t take much time to explore other options at their disposal.

Bear in mind that the ideal load time is 3 seconds. If any page takes longer than this time to load, the user gets frustrated and moves to the next of the plentiful options they have. Web designers employ different techniques and tactics to do this. The prominent among them is image compression. Other than that, the removal of unrequired animations, videos, and rotating banners can also do the trick. 

Hick-Hyman Law

The Hick-Hyman Law, also known’s as the Hick’s Law, relates to the time an individual takes to make a decision. It basically depends on the number of options they have. In simple words, if an individual has more number of options at their disposal, it will take a longer time to make a decision and vice versa.

This law can be followed when designing a website. Wondering how? Picture this, you are excited to show your visitors all the offers you have got for them with the hopes of making them stay at your website. Surely, the idea looks great on paper. However, for the visitor, it can become quite overwhelming to select the best out of the lot. A lot of people become indecisive in such a situation and with the aim to not rush into things, they ultimately abandon the website and not make any purchase at all. Therefore, presenting your cards all at once is not a wise idea. Your web design should show your visitors some important options to select from only. This will make the decision-making process quick and ultimately result in lead generation.

Colors and Themes

Now we are coming to the actual design part. As per statistics, 38% of people abandon a website if they don’t find it attractive. The question here arises, how to make a website attractive? The answer is quite obvious as well. Get affordable web design services. However, it isn’t that simple. You need to know a thing or two about colors and themes as well.

It is important to know that the design of the website will reflect your business. Therefore, it needs a lot of consideration. When it comes to selecting colors, you can select the ones that are used in your business’s logo create a uniformity. Furthermore, make sure there’s consistency throughout the website and all the colors used should complement each other.


Not many people, in today’s fast-moving world, browse the internet using their laptops or PCs. Handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones are now mostly used for browsing as they are laced with all modern features one requires. Therefore, not making your web design mobile-friendly is akin to committing a crime. You will end up losing a lot of customers and resultantly, your business will suffer losses.

Understanding User’s Perspective

Always scrutinize your website from user’s perspective. As it’s your own product, your judgement is going to be clouded. Hence, it wouldn’t harm to take an outside perspective. Ask a friend to inspect your website’s design and give you constructive feedback.

Show Involvement

Don’t leave everything on the designers. Show equal involvement. Even if you don’t know advanced designing skills, it’s still important to share your ideas and inputs with the design team. It will help them to understand your requirements clearly.

All in all, designing a website that has a catchy design and provides value to the visitors holds paramount importance. If you are planning to invest in digital marketing services, you won’t be able to get the desired returns if your website doesn’t feature an appealing design as it will serve as the landing page of your marketing campaign.