Important Tips for Strawberry Pie Can Help Boost Profits

Strawberry and soft fruit farming in the Canada (and throughout Europe) has benefited from the use of industrial heaters to maintain summer temperatures in greenhouses and hothouses around the clock at the end of the season. For the farmer, this means only one thing: higher yields and greater profits.

Some History of Strawberry Pie

This year, strawberry lovers in the UK enjoyed a warm spring and early summer. The warm temperatures resulted in one of the largest and best quality strawberry harvests in the UK in the last 20 years. (R. and W. Emery, one of the UK’s largest strawberry growers, told the BBC that production was up 150% over recent years.)

The early start to the strawberry season has allowed many strawberry (and other soft fruit) growers to make big profits, although some have further increased their income by getting additional crops later in the season.

Growing strawberries – what do you need?

  • Successfully growing and harvesting marketable strawberries involves a number of time- and resource-consuming processes. Soil preparation, planting, care, watering, feeding, fertilizing, harvesting, as well as plant maintenance and pest and disease control. However, all these efforts will be in vain if strawberry plants are not grown and maintained at the right temperature (daytime temperatures of about 18°C are generally optimal).
  • As summer draws to a close and temperatures drop, industrial heaters can be used in strawberry fields to artificially extend the season by pumping large volumes of clean, dry, warm air into glass and multi-layer containers to create the “illusion” of a long summer. It is also easy to install a temporary heater under this cover.
  • The best types of heaters to use
  • In general, high-efficiency thermostatically controlled heaters (which can be left unattended) are the best. These can be
  • Indirect heaters* up to 1,306,796 BTU/unit
  • Electric heaters with capacities ranging from 9,553 to 136,480 BTU per unit.
  • Indirect heaters are available with gas and oil. Ideal for spaces with limited ventilation and power, they are reliable, high-performance heaters that provide large amounts of clean, smoke-free heat safely and economically. Indirect heaters can also provide large volumes of warm air through ducts (up to 40 meters).


Roga Benton is a qualified food expert at Food The Line, Canada. She had graduated from the University of Cambridge. She is well experienced in strawberry pie and has an impressive portfolio of serving international clients.