Important Things You Should Know About Emtek Door Knobs!

The door knob plays a vital role in keeping your property safe and secure. Even though it is a small item, it does many big things, especially regarding security. Apart from being functional, it also maximizes the décor of your space. 

Whether you wish to upgrade the style and look of your door or replace the damaged door knobs, you can opt for the Emtek Door Knobs. Tons of brands offer different types of door knobs, but Emtek hardware is innovative and useful. Keep reading to know much about these door knobs.

What makes Emtek door knobs the best?

Emtek sells a huge range of stylish door knobs, which customers love a lot. Emtek Door Knobs is different from other brands as it is made to order. It represents that the Emtex door hardware is a customized item. 

As soon as you place the order, the specific item is assembled the way you specify. Since this brand has several finishes and backplate options, it lets the customers customize their hardware completely. So, customers will get the best door knobs, which improve their home look and security. 

The solid making of the Emtek Door Knobs makes it more heavy, quality and durable. You will get the complete set of door knobs, including strike plate, mounting screws, latch mechanism, and knobs for both sides of the door. 

What to consider when buying the door knob

Are you thinking about buying the Emtek Door Knobs? If yes, then it is mandatory to look at the following factor. It helps you to settle on the right door knob. 

  • One of the vital considerations for the door knobs is security. Since the entry door knobs lock is the major thing standing between your property and potential intruders, you should purchase the best quality and durable door knobs.
  • While the external door knobs offer security to your space, internal door knobs will ensure privacy among the people of the home. It saves them from unintended walk-ins, discomfort and embarrassment. So, look for the privacy element.
  • Besides, you must pay attention to the cost, locking mechanism, style and shape, ease of use and installation, and others. 

Things you know while shopping 

You should understand the main things need to look up when buying the door knobs. It helps you to make the right purchase decision and gets the best worth of your money. 

  • Ensure the door hardware will work well with your door thickness. Choosing the wrong door knob may ruin the look of your door and your money as well.
  • Determine whether the latch and bolt have a square-corner or round-corner configuration.
  • Note down the door knobs required borehole size and check the required backset for the replacement knobs
  • Go through the security grade for various types of the door knob. It makes you choose the right one easily. 
  • Always give priority to the premium security designs with excellent finishes. Make sure it matches your home’s theme and design perfectly. 
  • Be aware of different types of door knobs and choose the best one that matches your needs and budget.