5 Important Things You Need To Know When Fighting With Depression

There are multiple myths, theories, and stigmas that have been attached to depression. It is important to note that depression, just like any illness is very treatable. If you are someone who is fighting or struggling with depression, you need to know that there is a workable solution.

Understanding what you are going through, reaching out for expert help and talking can help you deal with the illnesses. Anyone who says that you are not suffering from a ‘real’ illness simply has not experienced the same.

In this article, we will look at five important things you need to know when fighting depression. We speak to a leading San Diego psychiatrist and ask him to help us understand the issue and problem better.

List of 5 Important Things to know when Fighting with Depression

1. You do not need a Reason to be suffering from Depression-

Many people feel that individuals might get into depression for tangible reasons. Loss of a loved one, getting laid off, or cheated upon are some top things that can trigger depression. However, even without the above-mentioned reasons, it is perfectly normal for someone to fall prey to depression. Studies and research have shown that Clinical Depression can take place without any reason. It can simply be that your brain is not being able to process your reality.

2. Reaching out for Help is Perfectly Normal and should be done-

The first inclination is to not let anyone know whether you are fighting depression. You do not want to be judged by people who might think you are slowly losing it and going mad. This stigma around depression needs to stop. Reaching out to experts can help you understand what you are going through and start the treatment right away. Get in touch with a San Diego psychiatrist to learn how you can start to get back on the right track.

3. Brain Chemistry and Hormonal Balances can cause Depression-

Every human body is structured or wired in a particular way. The interconnected nature of our body functions means that hormones that are released during menstruation or pregnancy can lead to mood swings and a feeling of negativity. Hormones like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels can lead to mood imbalances leading to depression. There is nothing that you can do to control the chemical imbalance apart from treating it medically and clinically.

4. Depression is not just ‘Sadness’-

Why are you sad? What is leading to you being sad and negative all the time? Anyone who is fighting depression has been bombarded with these kinds of questions. Depression is not simply sadness. It can lead to many other complications. This includes not feeling hungry, insomnia, restlessness, poor sex drive, and feeling that you are out of energy at all times. Just like any other medical ailment all of it is treatable under the right guidance and help.

5. Depression is a ‘Real’ and ‘Tangible’ Illness-

Last, but definitely not least by any stretch of the imagination, you need to know you are not mad but are simply ill. Just like paracetamol or antibiotics can help cure fever or the common cold, so too can a sustained medical diagnosis and prescription drugs can help you cure depression. Don’t believe anything that others say. At the end of the day, leading doctors and medical institutions have termed depression as an illness that can be cured.

The Bottom Line

The key is not to lose hope and have the drive to become better. Talking with family members and friends that are likely to hear you out can help in a major way. Do not feel scared to share with them the exact nature of your problems and what you are going through. If you need any more help, let us know in the comments section below.

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