Important Things About Visa Subclass 500

Introduction to Student Visa 500

The Australian region is majorly known for its utmost quality of educational standards & learning for the overseas students. Though, having the choice to pursue an education in Australia would not be wrong in any case. It is also because of the reason that it avails the learners with organized learning. To move to the nation for the study purpose, one would have certain requirements. One of the major rests to be the visa requirement.

Coming towards the Student Visa Subclass 500, it is inclined that the major aim of this visa application rests with availing the overseas students with the opportunity to undergo the full-time education and learning in the Australian region. One would have the stay in the region until the duration of the course study. In order to attain the offer letter in facet, the visa aspirant is required to indulge in certain essential activities.

Requisites of Student Visa 500

Varied essential student visa 500 requirements have the inclusion of the following;

  • You are required to have enrollment with any of the education providers as a full-time student and also attain the written confirmation of the enrollment.
  • We Should intend to have the completion of the relevant period of time for study in Australia.
  • You are required to possess the utmost level of English language proficiency.
  • Should have the creation of the account with the Australian Immigration Authorities prior to the processing of the application for the visa form via the online mode. Also, it is required that you should have a proper note on the varied considerations and accordingly should acknowledge the department with the relevant personal details.
  • At the stage of having the creation of the immigration portal, the necessity to rests with having the digital format of the documents. The same will be having registration with the authorities. The varied essential documents being included are like a valid passport, stay proof, proof of past employment, etc.
  • After having the documentation, one could easily go for the visa application. Merely, it could be all done prior to 124 days of the commencement of the course in which you have applied for. Also, it adds up with the course details. There will also be the inclusion of the personal details of your family in the section.
  • After undergoing the fill-up of all the essentials in the form, one can submit the application along with the fee of the visa application.
  • Once you have submitted the student Visa 500 application, you will be allotted with your TRN no. This number is much vital as this avails you with the knowledge of your visa application status.
  • Fulfill the required health check-up being followed by an interview. It is all because of the reason that after having the proper get over of all of the basal, your TRN number will provide you with the details of your visa application status.
  • After getting the grant letter for the student visa 500 application, you can easily step towards the Australian region. You could move to the region before 90 days of the commencement of the course you have applied for. Also, the institute you have applied for the learning is also required to be provided with the complete details of your accommodation within 7 days of your arrival in Australia.
  • One may also have an extension of around 30 days of stay in the region after completing the course study.

Important things to be considered in the Student Visa Subclass 500

The major and the most essential thing which is required to be known by the individual rests with having the knowledge of the varied changes which are being initiated in the procedure of student Visa 500. The same is described as below:

Essential considerations for the new student visa 500 aspirants;

  • Starting from 1 July 2016, the applicants of visas could only go for the processing of their study in the Australian region. Though, it would be also done regardless of your area of study.
  • If you intend to be a guardian of any of the students, then you would have the processing of the Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590.

The online mode for the Student Visa 500 application allows the easy lodging of the students and guardians. This is all done by the portals of the individuals on immigration websites.

Essential considerations for the current student visa 500 aspirants

  • Post to 1 July 2016, if you are current visa holder with the subclass from 570 to 576, you would attain the same and also gain the validity for the visa.
  • The family members who have the desire to come to the Australian region in order to apply for the student visa with the subclass 570 to 576 are obliged to have the application for the student visa 500.

Financial Capacity Based Evidence for the student visa 500

All depending on your choices with respect to the country of passport or the education provider, an individual may also be asked for showing the evidence for his/her financial capacity. This inclines that the individuals are required to provide the evidence that they are having enough amount of funds for covering the travel costs along with their 12 months of living and the course fees in the region. It is for themselves as well for the family members who are coming with them to the nation.

Thus, the evidence by the individual attaining the student Visa 500 could be provided in the form of any loan with the financial institution or money deposits to the financial institution. As the situation persists in the era, they might be also asked to provide evidence that their parents or spouse are firmly willing to support you or not. Along with them, they should also have an annual income of at least AUD $70,000 for the students who are accompanied by the family members and around AUD$60,000 for the single students.

If required any of the further details or assistance in the facet, you may feel free to reach Migration Agent Perth. They possess a team of mentors and professionals having years of experience in the field. Immigration Agent Perth will firmly look into your queries and help you in the best manner. You can also reach them via call, email or text.


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