Important Skills to Develop a Career in Investment Banking

Financial institutions require candidates to have a combination of both analytical and interpersonal skills. Although certain financial jobs lean more toward one skill set rather than the other. For instance, a broker’s skills need to be more inclined toward a sales job.

However, every job in an investment banking (IB) industry needs both analytical and interpersonal skills.

It is relatively tough to get into the IB firm. You need to have the right set of skills and education to make it here. Not to mention, investment bankers are professionals who play critical roles in helping direct capital to companies while making them better off.

Let us find out the critical skills an aspiring investment banker needs:

A good investment banking professional should be prepared to quickly assess the market scenario and industry – they should be adept at identifying the right way to assess any business idea.

• Analytical skills – as mentioned earlier, professionals in the finance field are required to present a brief analysis of investment plans to clients. Therefore, having analytical skills and quantitative abilities is an added benefit for someone looking to build a career in the industry.

• Leadership abilities – most investment bankers start their initial careers with job roles such as junior analysts. And based on their long-term potential they’re given better job positions. Between their career of short to mid-term employment in the institution, they’ll be given full ownership of business opportunities. Down the road, they may even get the opportunity to become VPs leading the organization to greater heights. Broadly speaking, leadership and management skills is a crucial part of an investment banking career. Even at the entry-level, the individual is required to take up responsibility and build the teams.

• Communication skills – the candidate must have the skill to persuade and convince clients, how will they manage if they weren’t fluent with communication? Selling any business idea to clients is a tough job, thus the candidates need to be efficient with their communication as well as presentation skills.

• Entrepreneur skills – mergers and acquisitions being significant aspects in the investment banking industry, the candidate needs to have the skills to identify opportunities in the business market. In addition to this, they need to possess the capability to build a business from ground level and spot the potential of business opportunities within the existing business.

• Networking skills – the job role of an investment banker involves meeting multiple types of people from industries far and wide with various cultures. Thus, they must have the ability to close deals during unfamiliar conditions and build healthy relationships with clients.

What type of education is needed to become an investment banker?

The banking and finance industry is a lucrative field, especially for fresh graduates from a finance background.

Since the banking industry is a competitive field, candidates with masters or MBA qualifications in investment management, financial analysis, accounting, private equity, or candidates having a maximum of three years of work experience in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, financial engineering, or any related field.

Earning a professional certification in the IB industry is perhaps one of the ideal ways to attain advanced skills in both finance and banking. Moreover, top organizations expect their candidates to have advanced skills, earning them through an investment banking certification program is a great start.

At times, you will also find some of the small banking firms offer high-quality training programs to their workers. Although, top recruiters tend to hire graduates from ivy leagues institutes like Wharton, Harvard, or Princeton, candidates with credible certifications are still eligible to apply for these jobs.

Before applying to any job opportunities, make sure you have the relevant set of skills and



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