Important Questions To Ask Before Doing Tree Pruning

For people who love gardening and maintaining trees in the backyard, tree pruning is an important exercise in keeping all the trees in perfect shape. Keeping all the trees well maintained adds to the beauty of your garden and lawn and helps prevent accidental damage due to dry branches falling off. Additionally, the pruned branches can be stored to keep your house fires running during winter to keep you warm.

But just chopping random branches or pruning the trees anytime will not do. Tree pruning is both an art and science and needs to be handled carefully for your safety while achieving the best results. It will also help the trees grow more solid, and in shape you want them.

In this blog, we share a few questions on how to go about your tree pruning exercise and ensure that the final results are beautiful and per your expectations.

When Is The Best Time For Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning experts suggest late winter or autumn as the ideal time to prune the trees to get the best results. Winter is the season most trees shed their leaves, making them easier to prune. It will also give the trees enough time to rejuvenate and have a new, better growth for the forthcoming season.

Which Are The Areas That You Need To Identify For Tree Pruning?

When you start your tree pruning exercise, remove the deadwood and dead branches first, along with diseased branches, if any. This will help you get a clearer and better view of the entire tree and decide the next course of action. For the tree’s healthy and natural growth, it is also important to prune the upcoming vertical shoots, which normally grow at the base of the tree.

The next task is to prune away any branches that may be over your house. This will ensure that they don’t accidentally damage your roof if they break during extreme weather or wind conditions. Also clear any branches that may fall on pathways, public areas, neighbors’ fence, and electrical lines.

Once you clear away all the branches, you should focus on giving the tree a uniform and beautiful shape so that the overall look of your garden and backyard can be maintained. Tree pruning also promotes healthy and dense growth of tree which will help you maintain the tree easily for many years to come.

Tree Pruning
Tree Pruning

What Is Under Pruning?

Under pruning refers to a part of the tree pruning exercise, wherein the focus is more on the lower part of the tree, closer to the ground. It requires removing any growth and branches to expose the trunk in its natural form. Under pruning helps maintain a standard height of growth among all the trees in your backyard, which gives the entire area a uniform look.

The process of under pruning also helps avoid any safety issues with branches protruding at lower levels where they could accidentally harm your family or pets. It also enables better air and sunlight circulation in the lower areas, which will help smaller plants grown more healthily.

Final Words

Suppose you love the gardens in your backyard and around your house. In that case, you should consider tree pruning at periodic intervals to keep the trees healthy while giving them a beautiful uniform look. You can consider doing it yourself if the trees are small and outsourcing the same to tree pruning professionals if the trees are taller and have a denser growth.

All safety measures should be followed meticulously to ensure your families and your safety during the tree pruning exercise.