Important Jewelry Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Do you love wearing different kinds of jewelry? You will want to know these jewelry hacks. Having a range of jewelry requires you to take care of them properly because it is a major investment. Here we have included some tips that can be handy for keeping your jewelry pieces shiny and useful all the time. Let’s have a look at them. 

The layering of rings, necklaces, and bangles

It is always advantageous to layer jewelry pieces like rings, necklaces, and bangles. You can add contrasting lengths, textures, and colors to get a standalone look while providing an interesting depth to your look. You can pair them with cuffs or other metals to create a stylish look if you think of wearing earrings. You can also pair your unique sterling silver jewelry band ring from Bali with something that suits you. 

Use Vaseline to rescue your sensitive earlobes

If you use jewelry pieces made with cheap metals, you can face skin-related allergies that can hurt your earlobes. In order to protect your earlobe from allergies and infection, you can rub some Vaseline on the earring post, and you are all set. After all, if your earlobes are sensitive, you should go with precious silver jewelry like handmade stunning gemstone unique bracelets

Use ice cube trays to store earrings and rings

If you want to store earrings and rings safely, you can ice cube trays. Ice cube trays will make your life easier by helping you find another pair of earrings. These trays are handy, and you can insert them into drawers. You can organize your most jewelry pieces like unique gemstone jewelry for sale in these trays. 

Untangle knotted chain with baby powder or a straw

Do you have a pure sterling silver chain? It is extremely easy to detangle it using baby powder and place it on a plate. When you apply dry baby power on your chain, you will find that the knots are loosening up. Now you can use a needle to separate each knot properly. In addition to it, you can store your chain in a straw by threading one side of the chain. If you have a unique sterling silver jewelry band ring from Bali, you can use other techniques to store them safely. 

Create jewelry stands with old frames and bottles 

If you have old frames or plastic bottles, you can do something creative. We mean to say that you can create jewelry stands or organizers and store your handmade stunning gemstone unique bracelets, rings, and necklaces. In that way, you can make these jewelry pieces more accessible. When you are in a hurry, you can safely pick the right one. 

Do you use buttons as earring holders?

Have you ever tried this hack to store your earrings? It is a safe way to use buttons and hook earrings through two holes. By doing so, you will never lose a pair. This seems an easy tip but works best to keep your earrings together and accessible when you need them. 

Use nail polish to prevent tarnishing

Do you know you can prevent tarnishing through nail polish? You can coat your favorite jewelry like unique gemstone jewelry for sale using clear nail paint in order to protect bling and sign. After applying the nail paint, let the jewelry piece dry before using it or storing it. 

Wear bracelets or anklets with necklaces 

Have you ever paired a handmade stunning gemstone unique bracelet with your favorite necklace? It can be a great combination for a stunning look. Many people also call it a necklace extender. After all, if you don’t want to buy anything new and still want a great combination, your anklet or bracelet and necklace will be a great combination. In that way, you can create a standalone look using the accessories you already have. 

Storing bobby pins in a matchbox 

You can store bobby pins in a matchbox. They will help you in different situations. For example, you can use bobby pins while styling your hair because they are the most vanishing items you can add to your accessory box. That’s all. These are the best jewelry hacks you can take a look at them. 


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