Important Horseshoeing Tools You Must Have in a Farrier Shop

Horseshoeing is a task of great precision and experience. Even a minor mistake during the fixing of horseshoes can result in severe injuries. All services of a horse hoof are done with manual tools such as rasps, nippers, clenchers, horse hoof testers and hammer. Therefore, prefer a farrier supplier having a good reputation in manufacturing tools and providing after-sale services. In order to fix or replace a horseshoe, you need a couple of equipment that we are mentioning below in detail. 


  • Nippers 

We need nippers for removing the excess wall on hooves. The sharp and wide edges of this curved-mouth tool are capable of cutting down the hoof walls in order to prepare it for fixing the shoes.


  • Rasps 

Horseshoeing tools and farrier suppliers also provide rasps especially meant for giving shape to the hooves after removing their excess wall. Both coarse and fine radius rasps are available in the market to attain perfection in shaping.  


  • Hoof tester 

The horse hoof testers are necessary for checking the pain points before nailing the shoes. A professional farrier service provider uses this tool to apply pressure from both sides. After identifying the pain points, they take special precautions for healing and nailing. 


  • Hammer 

Hammer is necessary for nailing the shoes in hoof perfectly. Farrier suppliers provide hammers, specially designed with the perfect balancing of weight for the ease of nailing.  


  • Clencher 

After hammering the nails, we need clenchers to fold them. One jaw of this tool is curved whereas the other is straight. The metal teeth on its curved ending are helpful in bending the nails. After bending the nails, we also need clench cutters to remove the excess of metal. 


  • Nail Puller 

After a certain period of time, we need to replace the old horseshoe with a new one. As the horse grows up, his hoove’s size also increases. Also, the horseshoes worn-out in some cases that need immediate replacement. For this purpose, the very first task is nail pulling. The conical holes on the mouth of a nail puller can remove nails from any depth conveniently. 


  • Shoe Puller 

For replacing an old shoe with a new one, horseshoeing tools and farrier supplies provide shoe puller. It looks like a nipper but has narrow endings on the mouth. Different sizes of jaws are meant for pulling the horseshoe faster. 


As a farrier service provider, you must be aware of the right use of every single tool as we mentioned above. Choose a farrier supplier where all tools are available with durability warranty.