Important Fundamentals of Professional Logo Designing

First thing to understand here is what is a logo? The logo is just an identifying symbol that is seen in media formats like in business cards, television, print, etc. Logos generally represent the identity of a product, idea, brand, and organization.

If the logo looks unprofessional or doesn’t represent you well, then the customers will bounce, leaving the business to plummet. So you need to know about the logo design fundamentals to create a perfect logo.

Professional logo design is essential for every business person to kick start their business. In this competitive field, logo design has played an essential role in smoothly conducting a business. 

Elements of Logo Designing

Seven important elements of every logo that can be implemented in every logo design-

  1. Memorable-the logo must be memorable. It is the most important element of every great logo. If the logo is not memorable, then it might create a huge problem. If the people won’t remember you, what your business offer, then you won’t come into their mind in the future when they are in search of the product which you offer. 

So, being memorable is one of the basic of logo design; try to make an original first impression on the client by letting them help you by seeking for you during the need of your product.

  • Simple– good logo doesn’t need to be super intricate; it must be simple. Try to incorporate all the detailed information as well as hidden images in there. The logo must be in its essence, easy to grasp, and simple. 
  1. Recognizable– Every business individual wants them to be easily recognizable. Every individual must recognize your logo and say, “Hey! I know that brand”. If people don’t remember and don’t recognize you, then your business will vanish, and the company will die. So make sure your company is recognizable as well as memorable. 
  2. Timeless– it is one of the most vital logo design fundamentals, and you need to follow the trend to make sure that the logo of your company looks good this year and also for the upcoming five years.
  3. Scalable– The logo must be designed in such a way that it must look well either in tiny little RDA or on a giant billiard. You need to create a high-quality logo design to look good even if you blow it up or scale it down. 
  4. Don’t be afraid of change– it is one of the basic logo design principles. In this nature, everything is evolving, which means your company logo also needs to be evolved. It would help if you made certain adjustments to make your customer happy. So don’t be afraid of change and don’t be set in stone. Changes are a must, and they must be embraced. 
  5. Try to be different and better from your competitor– Number of logo Design Company in surat has been established. If you want to be the best reputable company in your area, then you need to knock off them. If you have your own company doesn’t try to copy your competitor.

Try to get inspiration from them but don’t try to be exactly like them. Please have a look at them, take certain notes from them, and then move forward to do better.  

Purpose of branding

Branding is an important priority that every business person should have in their mind. But, it is much more than spending the money on a few billboards or commercials. Branding is all about building trust, goodwill, reputations as far as your service and product are concerned.

This requires much dedication, planning, hard work, and burning quite a bit of midnight oil. You must be aware of the changes as far as the marketing strategies are concerned. Logo design principles suggest focusing more on pull marketing rather than push marketing. 

Branding is done to honor the people’s sacred values. It also adds clarity and meaning to customers’ and employees’ lives and harnesses capitalism. Brand purpose helps you to be irresistible to those whom you are hoping to serve. 

Brand purpose is very important as it signifies that you are not just your services, products, or an advertising campaign. You and your company also have a certain purpose which is more significant than profit earning. 

Customers try to gather information about the products and services before buying anything. Google and other search engine serve as the best tool for searching and gathering all the details about them.

You need to have the right branding or right online presence just to survive on a website. Google serves as the first source of information for the customers. So, the seller must have a website. It must be supported by enough online branding and marketing efforts so that the prospective customer can identify you and your product and service, which is the basic of logo design. 

Types of logo

  1. Monogram/ Letter marks Logos– this type of logo contains the brand name. They represent the company’s name. Rather than long forms, the names of the company are in their initial forms in the logo. Logos contains the company name in two to three words.
  2. Mascots– this logo involves an illustrated character that represents your company. It’s a great way by which you can create your brand spokesperson. This illustrated character serves as an ambassador of your company. Some of the famous mascots include KFC’s Colonel, Kool-Aid men, and Planter’s Mr. Peanut. Mascot serves as a great logo design for those companies who want to create a wholesome atmosphere by appealing to children and families. In sporting events to these mascots serves as a great dynamic by getting involved with the audience.
  3. Combination Mark- this logo just comprises a combined lettermark or wordmark and a pictorial mark mascot, or abstract mark. In this, the letter and picture can be laid out side-by-side, stacked upon each other, or can be integrated to create the image. 

Since in the above image, a letter is associated, this combination mark serves as a versatile choice, with both the icon and text or mascot working together to shore up your brand.