Important Face Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts

In this blog, we will be shedding some light on the most important things you should be doing and not doing while following a face skin care routine for yourself. This is the kind of knowledge you always needed but never came across until now and a famous saying “better late than never” fits perfectly here. You should start today and right now by following our side by side as we discuss the widely famous topic of face skin care and solve some myths regarding it in the process. And we have no doubts that after reading this and applying it to your daily face skin care routine you can have the best possible results and knowledge about it. But remember that you have to stand up for yourself and make up your mind about achieving positivity in your life & health, no matter what circumstances or hassles you might face during it.

Evergreen Rule of Face Skin Care

Do get rid of makeup while going to bed. Your face skin needs to breathe also and makeup on your skin can conflict with this process. What makeup does is that it actually clogs your skin’s pores which leaves no space for fresh to go in. This results in causing blemishes or blackheads on your face.

Don’t trust this myth “Exfoliation is very indispensable”. That’s just a false claim backed up by no scientific research whatsoever. In fact, you should exfoliate your face skin twice a week as recommended by top dermatologists. Exfoliation helps in the removal of dead skin layers from your face while providing a brighter glow to your beautiful face. So we suggest, never fall for unverified claims.

Maintain a Stable Sun & Skin Relation

Do use sunblock of a minimum of 15 SPF that will provide protection to your skin from harmful UV rays. Too much exposure to the sun causes severe damages to your skin health. This is why you must avoid exposing your skin too much to the sunlight. Always go for non-comedogenic products while buying sunscreen.

Don’t you ever forget your sunscreen while traveling or going for a holiday beach picnic on a nice sunny day. If you start neglecting this fact then this may lead to several problems in the future for you. Do not use chemically made sunscreens. They can prove to be harmful and in the worst-case cancerous to your skin.

Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

Do maintain a checklist of what you are putting on your daily menu. Always go for fresh Vegetables & fruits. Take a sufficient dose of protein and vitamins daily in natural form. Vitamin C is the main factor of an attentive and healthy body. You must add this in your face skin care routine all the time.

Don’t put too much salt, sugar & spices as they can create unwanted heat in your blood resulting in acne or pimples on your face. Also fermented & fried stuff can also be a great danger to your overall health and this can surely affect your appearance because of unhealthy or damaged skin.