Important considerations before buying LED light bars for your commercial fleet

Having a dedicated fleet of different types of vehicles for the business is common. Most businesses prefer to have trucks and other loading vehicles to facilitate transport. However, empowering the vehicle with the right type of accessories is as important as acquiring the vehicle itself.

One of the common needs for vehicles is an LED light bar at VIC OFFROAD to lighten up their path. LED light bars are also useful for off-road purposes and eliminate the dark as your drivers and maintenance staff work on the vehicle.

However, like every other purchase, buying the right kind of light is also perplexing. Numerous manufacturers, a myriad of models, and several other factors make it difficult to choose the one that would perfectly fit your needs.

Following are some considerations that will help you make an informed choice and have more faith in your decision.

  • Size of the light

Some argue that the size of the light is unimportant and give more emphasis on other factors. However, it is crucial when adding one to your vehicle. Larger bar lights mean more bulbs, more light, and greater illumination.

Although you can also find some smaller lights that deliver significant illumination. These lights come in sizes ranging from 4 to 50 inches with larger lights flaunting bigger price tags.

  • Light shape

According to experts, the shape of the light does not hold much significance. You generally find two variants in the shape, viz., curved and straight. As the names suggest these lights are curved and straight in shape respectively and hold no advantage over one another. You can choose the shape according to your preferences.

  • Rows in the light

You can find single or double-row LED light bars in the market. It does not take a genius to know that double-row lights produce more light. While this feature makes them popular, it also means higher costs as compared to single-row ones.

You need to weigh the size and number of rows together to get the right amount of light most cost-effectively.

  • The pattern of the beam

The beam pattern determines how wide and far the beam of light will go. Three types of beams are available which are spot, flood, and combination of the two. Spot beam goes farthest but is narrow.

The flood beam on the other hand is wide but illuminates a smaller distance. You need to know the intended usage of the light to decide the right beam pattern.

  • Color of the LED

LED comes in various colors each serving the best for a specific purpose. For instance, amber lights are great to drive in low-visibility conditions while white is suitable for all. Red, blue, and green are often used on emergency vehicles to grab attention.

  • Weather and water resistance

LED light bars are certainly not designed for indoor luxury. All the models offer at least some level of resistance from weather elements such as air, sand, and water. However, if off-roading is common in your business, it is better to go for the most durable models.

  • Mounting needs

The purpose of the lights is the key driver in choosing the right one for your fleet. Ask yourself until you get a clear answer, ‘where am I going to mount and use these lights?’. Only if you are sure of the purpose, you can decide on other factors like size, beam patterns, and more.


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