Importance Of Using kraft Window Boxes-RSF Packaging

Since Kraft window boxes are used for packaging, the width of the Kraft window across to the bag must have a high-strength compression performance. At present, many products need to be transported by logistics. However, the product inevitably collides during transportation. It requires an external packaging material to perfectly protect the product. Therefore, the window should be able to withstand folding Kraft boxes, pressure, has strong toughness and must also have a certain waterproof.

Significance of custom kraft window boxes:

The quality requirements of wholesale kraft paper boxes used in the industrial sector are lower than the requirements of culture paper used in the printing industry. In addition, the food packaging industry is also widely used Natural Kraft Window Take Out Boxes. It requires that the wrapping paper is sterile and hygienic; the packaging does not react with food. Environmental standards beef board not only in the production process of Environmental Protection, but also reflected in the subsequent environmental impact.

  • Kraft paper boxes can be repeatedly used during use, and can be recycled. It can save a lot of costs and save a lot of resources.
  • Low cost of kraft paper boxes, kraft paper boxes are not expensive. They are much cheaper; this price can be accepted by many.
  • Kraft paper bag with window relative to the width of the wear rate is relatively low, can be stored for a long time, after a long time will not decay, easy to save. Kraft paper boxes can be folded at Will and can occupy fewer places.

Kraft window boxes not only play an important role in shopping but also contribute to the food industry. Kraft paper boxes because of its excellent anti-oil and widely used in the food industry.

The importance of using paper boxes:

Although plastic boxes are still a popular choice, especially in supermarkets and grocery stores, paper boxes have come a long way since it was special hundreds of years ago. Although sometimes lazily rip with a bag, paper boxes are now developed to be durable and strong, allowing you to use them many times, like traditional plastic boxes. However, unlike a plastic bag, paper carrier boxes are safer for children to use, because of their rigid nature they can usually accommodate more items in a bag made of the same size plastic.

Pay attention to turning to the use and handling of plastic, but this is not a problem with paper boxes-they are more environmentally friendly. You can even recycle products made of paper. It is one of the main advantages of paper boxes over plastic boxes. Paper boxes are also biodegradable and therefore less risky for wildlife.

Paper boxes have recently gained a lot of traction in the packaging industry not only because they are an eco-friendly option, but they also allow for more customization than regular plastic boxes. Paper boxes are reusable, making the brand more visible and do not end up in landfills. The biodegradability and recyclability of paper boxes enable brands to demonstrate their interest in the planet.

Paper boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Each of them has its own unique purpose. Here are some common paper bag types and their use cases.

Brown kraft window bag

These are one of the most common boxes available. Most department stores and grocery stores use these boxes. They are made of simple brown kraft paper, usually with a gusset at the bottom and reinforced with another sheet of paper. Kraft window boxes are not very durable. However, before the boxes wear out, you can reuse them several times. In addition, kraft paper boxes can be easily recycled.