Importance of Marketing in Business

Starting and maintaining a business is no easy deal. It requires a village to be successful and up on your feet. You have a whole team who helps you with everything and give it their all to do the business up and running. It isn’t a one-man job and requires a lot of hands to keep the bus on the road and to make it move 24/7. Every successful and running business has a team of marketing. Marketing team caters specifically to the task of getting the word out and gathering clientele. They promote your business by telling people about your products, your services and what you offer.

Marketing is a very vast branch of business. It is a place where you aren’t bound by the textbook definition of anything. It is a platform where you get to explore around and be as creative as your mind allows you to do so. Marketing comes in a lot of types and categories. There are so many ways that you can promote your business. You can make flyers, print brochures, go door to door, make advertisements and get all sorts of promotional products from Promotional products include all sorts of stuff from mugs, pens, key chains to hats, t-shirts and even stickers! Told you about the creativity marketing includes, didn’t I? Moving on, let us look at the importance of marketing in business.


A good clientele is the best way to ensure the progress and success of your business. It is the people out there who are the consumers of your products and thus, they are the ones that will give you your business. This is reason enough why marketing is pivotal. Marketing is the bridge between you and the people out there. It ensures that the clients are in the loop and know what services you are providing and what products you are selling.

The consumer community includes all sorts of people from all ranges of age groups. You have your teenagers, your young adults and your elders. Naturally, to communicate with such a widespread and different community, you need to adopt different ways of communication. You cannot expect to send messages alerts to the elders and expect a very drastic move from them. You need to involve in sending out letters, email alerts and word of mouth to promote your business. Keep your clients in the loop, and you are good to go.


The thing with the business world is that it isn’t only you who is playing the game. There are so many like you out there. So many competitors but only one finish line. This means that to win the race, you need to be something different so that the name of your company stand out. This is again where marketing comes in. the success of a business is measured by how it is seen by people and what ratings it is getting. This means that your business needs to be known by and liked by a bunch of people. A bunch large enough that they spread the word about your company and keeps it going. You all know the top brands of clothing; Forever 21, Topshop, Splash, and so on. What is the one thing that they have in common? They have a very good reputation and are trusted brands.

This is why marketing is of the utmost importance. It spreads the name of your business and gathers your clientele. This clientele likes what you are doing and thus lets other people know. Pretty soon you are the talk of the town, and your name is seen under a good light. This domino effect is started by the marketing team and is highly effective.


The thing with many existing businesses and their marketing teams is that so many of us don’t even know what they are up to and we don’t feel connected. Like any other relationship, a relationship between the company and its clientele should not be one-sided. You need to let them know about as much information as you can send out. Let them know about the new products that you are working on. Set teaser and full review dates. Do live videos on your social media pages like Instagram and Snapchat. Announce the dates when something major launches. Reveal sneak peek pictures. Give them enough details that you don’t lose their trust and that they feel like a part of your team and not a complete outsider.

Doing this not only engages your clientele but also helps the growth of your business. Imagine that you send out a picture or a blueprint of the next product that you are going to introduce. You post its picture on Instagram but get a very underwhelming response. People don’t like what they see and start complaining. They will flood your comments with what they want to see and describe it for you. By doing so, you will get an idea of what your people want and act accordingly. Your target audience will tell you exactly what they want and make your work easier for you. They will set a standard and criteria for you yourself, which you would keep in mind when making the next product. You will make the necessary changes in time and save yourself from losing a lot of customers. When you would have made the said changes and would have acted exactly according to the needs of your customers, your brand name will be recognized even further. You would get a very good reputation because you would have given the customers exactly what they had wanted and needed all along so it would prove to them that yes, you actually listen to their demands and make the necessary changes.


You would have seen by now the importance of a good marketing team. A marketing team needs to be the most efficient and hardworking part of your team. They have a lot of competition which is why they need to have extremely creative and adaptive minds. They have the cards in their hands that will change the whole gameplay of your company. They need to be constantly coming up with new ideas and schemes and be always a class apart. The marketing section of any business is thus, very important. They do a lot for your company and make the name of your company shine and be well renowned. So, focus on having a very efficient team for your business!