Importance of Keyword research

Amazon is a boon for small and local businesses by helping them connect with global audience. But without proper advertisement, marketing and relevant product listing you can find yourself struggling on this vast platform. Ecommerce PPC management is not an easy job to do, but an art, which can be easily handled by an Amazon consultant to make your brand a known face on Amazon.

What are Keywords?

 Keywords hold a great importance in bringing your products in front of Amazon’s millions of users. These are the search terms which a customer types in the search bar on top of the Homepage to find a product that they want to buy. Let’s understand with an example;

For instance there are 3 sellers on Amazon who are selling same products and the user is looking for ‘red silicone mobile cover for iphone’. Now suppose that;

  •  Seller A uses keywords ‘mobile cover’ in his Product title,
  • Seller B uses keywords ‘red mobile cover’
  • Seller C uses keywords ‘red silicone mobile cover for iphone’

Here, Amazon will automatically search for the most relevant keywords used in the product’s title and description which matches with the keywords that a user types in the search bars. This means that Amazon will first show the product sold by ‘seller C’ to its users. 

Therefore, its vital for the keywords to be accurate, relevant, appropriate and matches the description of your product in the title that you use and in overall product listing. 

For better results with the keyword search, you are advised to use the negative keywords as well as long tail keywords. After you select the keywords for your listings and sponsored advertisements, you should also consider Amazon listing optimization regularly for maximum advantage.

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