Importance Of Isometric Drawings

Isometric drawing is a pictorial representation of three different portrayals, which are dimensional objects in two and dimensional format. The drawings are used in representing a piping system that is useful for engineering, procurement and construction in the oil and gas sector. We shall discuss all Isometric Drawings for you to easily understand and learn about them. Also, highlighting the best Engineering Design Company that can work on your project for amazing results.

A method used for representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions with vertical lines that are drawn vertically with a horizontal line drawn at 30 degrees to the base. The parallel lines to these axes are drawn in the actual scale. But if they aren’t parallel to these axes, they won’t be drawn in actual scale. The view for an Isometric object can be produced by considering the object from a direction that the angles between the projection of the x,y and z planes are equal to that of 120°.

These drawings are axonometric drawings so the same scale is used for every axis, concluding in a non-distorted image. Since isometric grids are easy to set up, once you get the heck of it, creating the same on freehand isometric sketch falls relatively simple.

What Are The Importance of Isometric Drawings ?

  • Architects, Interior and Industrial Designers & Engineers make use of these isometrics drawing as they are used specifically for products, visualising rooms and infrastructure. These drawings are a great way to test out different design ideas that would fit your project.
  • The use of these drawings are useful in wayfinding system, like in museums or galleries. An isometric wall maps can show visitors where they are in the building. The easiest form for designers.
  • Expert infographics use isometric projection to show additional information used in a 2D drawing. Logo designs also make use of this approach to create impact.

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Features Involved In Piping Isometric Drawing

  • The pipes are drawn with the help of a single line irrespective of the line size, which also includes configurations like reducers, valves, and flanges
  • It isn’t drawn to the scale but is compatible with the exact dimensions represented.
  • Pipes are shown in the same size and the actual size is mentioned in Bill of Material, call-out, tagging or notes.
  • A piping isometric drawing will provide you with information for flow direction, piping dimensions, pipeline number, flange and valve types, etc.

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