Importance of Human Connections- Why You Need to Stay in Touch with Your Friends

Staying home and social distancing has left us all in a rather lonely place. Even on a Free Chat Messenger or social media, it has become hard to reach out to people. It can be easy to get comfortable with your own company in isolation. But you need to consider the impact this may have on your mental health. Human beings are social creatures; we require the company of one another to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ways you can keep in touch with your loved ones:

Be a part of a group chat

Most Free Chat Messenger such as NEEO have the option of creating group chats. Being a part of a group chat allows you to stay in touch with multiple people at the same time. Having a health group dynamic keeps you from falling into the loneliness spiral. Having several people who you love and care about on the same platform, motivates you to be a part of the conversation. It keeps you up to date with all your friends and allows you to have a healthy support system. You will always have people who care about you to help you through your problems. Moreover, group chats make it easier to make plans and get on the same page with everyone.

From holding each other accountable for checking up on all your friends. Group chats allow us to feel like we are a part of something bigger. Not to mention that you will never be short on laughs.

Talk less, talk often

It is ok if you are not the kind of person who talks a lot and still wants to keep people close. We have all been in a place where it’s hard to hold conversations. The best way to still be relevant in your social circle is to talk less but talk often. Do not get people used to your absence, try to keep in touch with those who matter as often as possible. Even if it is as minimal as sending a meme, if you do it often enough, people will care. there is nothing better than having your friend’s name pop up on your phone in the middle of the day. Having a constant presence in people’s lives lets them know that you are dependable. People will rely on you to be there for them for better or for worse. It is always best to make your presence known in people’s lives. Even if it is in a small capacity, it’s better than not being there at all.

Checkup of your people              

Often, your friends will not let you know what they are going through in life. That’s that bother us tend to get buried in the humdrum of daily lives and casual conversations. So sometimes, drop your friend a message or call them up and ask them how they are doing. Not only will this give them a person to talk to but will also make you feel good about yourself. Being someone’s shoulder to cry on will lead to your friendship is stronger than ever. It will also ensure that you will have someone to lean on when you need to. Life isn’t always smooth sailing; people are always stronger together than alone. Having people, you love by your side can be reassuring. Let your friends know you care about them and can sense when they need help without asking for it.

Make plans

Making plans with people is a great way to keep yourself out of the hermit hole. Having something to look forward to makes you anticipate the company. It keeps you accountable to the people you have committed to. So no matter how strong the impulse of staying alone is, you will have a reason not to do so.

Furthermore, making plans can help you be in charge of your social life. Why sit around and wait for things to happen when you can make them happen yourself. This allows you to control who you meet, where you meet them, and what you do. This is the ideal thing to do to ensure you have healthy human contact in your life.

                It is not enough to have a social life; you need to make sure that the people you surround our self with are right for you. Getting into toxic relationships can be very tedious and harmful to one’s well being. Why waste time and effort on people who will make you miserable when you can find people who won’t. So take charge of your life, and build up a supportive and interesting community around you.