Importance of Homeopathy Treatment for Kidney Failure

Homeopathy is one of the popular alternatives in medical practices, especially in India. Due to the effectiveness of this treatment, it has been garnering fame from all across the globe for a few decades. Today, homeopathy is used to treat critical issues like kidney failure, cancer treatment, and other intricate diseases. It was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century. Since then it has gained a foothold in curing various ailments. The best part of homeopathy is that patients never face any side effects. In allopathic treatments, a majority of patients face trivial to major side effects much later after the ailment is cured. So, there is a minute fear among patients about the side effects of the treatment. However, in homeopathy, there are no such fears. It is known to provide ailments for some major diseases like AIDS and cancer. Now doctors are finding homeopathy to be extensively effective in treating kidney failures. 

The early stage of kidney failure can pave its way towards other diseases if not treated with care. Every homeopathy doctor for kidney failure is approaching this disease with unique ways to treat this issue. It’s because the modern approach like a kidney transplant or dialysis doesn’t provide a long-term cure and only reduces the symptoms. Patients can gravitate towards the end stage of chronic renal failure. It’s the progressive loss where systemically the function of the kidney gets damaged. The kidney naturally attempts to cure the damage by straining the blood excessively but it further damages the kidney during hyper filtration. There are various types of kidney failures which can be treated with homeopathy. 

Types of Renal Failure:

  • Pre-Renal Failure- It’s the stage where the blood flow of our body is decreased and it damages our kidney. If it progresses towards end-stage or acute kidney failure then the patient suffers from haemorrhage, septic shock, trauma, dehydration, etc. 
  • Intra Renal Failure- This problem occurs when the patient is suffering from diabetes or hypertension. It’s the internal structure damage of the kidney which happens slowly. It can also occur due to excessive smoking as it brings changes to the arterial walls. 
  • Post Renal Failure- It’s a stage where a patient feels a certain obstruction to his urine flow. Often it occurs due to having a stone in the kidney or urethral stricture. However, it’s a slow process but it can lead to complete kidney failure. 

Patients can easily detect the problems in the kidney because the symptoms are always accurate in all cases. Then patients start to lose weight, blood pressure increases, general weakness, pale and itchy skin, headache, muscular cramps, shortness of breath, etc. Even if you can’t figure out the root cause of the disease you must visit a homeopathy doctor for addressing kidney failure without further delay. 

Homeopathy Treatment for Kidney Failures:

Homeopathy offers one of the effective treatments for kidney failures. The medicines are developed in a way that boosts the immunization in the nephrons in kidneys. This prevents the kidney from further damages and makes it stronger. In the case of chronic renal failure, homeopathy medicines keep the patients alive by fostering the normal functions in his system. As per experts, a patient who is undergoing the early stage of renal failure must shift to homeopathic treatment as it helps to maintain the normal function of the body by boosting its immunity. 

As compared to allopathic, homeopathy treatment is not a lifelong process. You may stop the treatment after consulting with your doctor. Generally, it only lasts for 2 to 5 years, also, modern treatments use an artificial means to pass the body waste. To put it simply, it never cures your own kidney but it finds an alternative to conduct the same function as your kidney does. However, it’s not the right approach to treat a patient as no artificial means can ever replace the natural capability of our organs. So, it’s better to shift towards homeopathy as it boosts the natural capability and fixes our organs by repairing the nephrons. The patients who can yield the maximum benefit from homeopathy treatment are the following, 

  • People who are healthy at the moment but have a strong history of renal failure in their families must take the homeopathic treatment to avoid future risks. 
  • If you’re suffering from symptoms of early renal failure, homeopathy medicine does wonder to them. 
  • In order to avoid complete failure of their kidneys, patients should start the early state diagnosis and start homeopathy treatment. 
  • If you want to avoid the dialysis process, you should start taking homeopathic treatment to cure the ailment. 
  • Even patients who are waiting for a transplant can start the homeopathy treatment to avoid the urgency of finding an instant donor.