Importance of Equipment Rental Companies in Abu Dhabi

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Many construction companies leading strategy is to opt for equipment rentals rather than buying. Which is why equipment rental vertical has incurred almost a growth of 75% in the past couple of years. The lure of buying a high tech equipment or machinery is high but companies now opt for the smarter choice and reap even better benefits via leasing or renting equipment. With such technological advancements in pursuit, companies providing this particular service are enabling the use of e-commerce effectively. Via a digital platform companies are able to reach new global markets and target customers to improve their revenue stream.


Digital platform ensues ease for equipment rental companies


Digital platform for equipment rental poses as a great opportunity for companies alike. Firstly, it improves the ability to browse a broad range of equipment available for customers to rent. Instead of visiting the physical site and gathering information regarding which equipment to rent, digital space has now made it easier. Customers can easily access the website and choose which equipment will best cater to their project. This ensues cost and time effectiveness. For companies this effectively improves inventory and storage management. To make things easier digital platform also provides ‘online rental agreements’ for customers to sign. Reducing paper wastage and also the hassle of paper work for companies. Furthermore, customers can easily pay for their equipment rental via online payments. This particularly ensues a hassle free experience for both parties. If the customer wants they can also choose the mode of transport from the same company and ensue professionals provided by the company to set the equipment up properly. This hugely helps with effective resource allocation for all parties involved and improves operational mobility as well.

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Benefits of equipment rental


Equipment rental UAE has administered a surge in the trend from the past couple of years. This is because transport companies working in UAE emphasizes on various benefits offered by rather renting then buying equipment. Firstly, construction companies ensue project based assignments. Thus the need to buy equipment diminishes. What if the equipment the company bought isn’t needed after the project is completed. The expense of maintaining, repairing and depreciation is eliminated whilst renting. Secondly, companies have a better and broad portfolio of equipment available to rent. What if the model  you are choosing to buy is an older version. There is a high chance that customers can easily find a better yet newer version of the equipment which is also cheaper to rent than buying. Also, rental equipment companies provide transport as well. This is extremely beneficial as the company has relevant expertise so as to how to transport the equipment to avoid any unforeseen event or much worse and damages. Thus customers do not have to pursue any third parties for transport. Furthermore, renting or leasing equipment means less financial burden this will help improve your financial position rather than buying as this means that the company needs to incorporate depreciation over the life time.


 Equipment rental life cycle


Equipment rental has no doubt gained a lot of attention over the years. Not only in the Middle East but also globally. Companies providing services in this particular vertical ensue effectiveness in the equipment rental life cycle. They improvise strategies to satisfy customers and make it somehow possible to stay between the growth and maturity stages of the lifecycle to reap benefits. The whole chain ensues browsing equipment, rental costs, scheduling the rental of the equipment for delivery, the setting up of the equipment on the site, use and return of the equipment. Companies now pursue strategies to somehow smoothen the whole chain involved for revenue and retaining customers.