Importance of brightness of an screen

Most of us are not able to describe brightness in numbers. We may not know how bright a wall needs. You will find the answers here, but don’t be alarmed.

What is the brightness of an LCD screen? Why is it important? An LED display’s brightness This value is often expressed in the form of a numerical value in either cd/m2 (or nit(s),) which is the luminous intensity per sq meter when the display works normally. It is easy to see that the brighter the display, the higher its value.
In general, there are a number of optical parameters that can be used to determine the brightness. The screen must be bright enough so that the other parameters can be seen. Imagine an LED display at super-low brightness. It will appear almost blackout and no sharp colors, so it is meaningless to discuss color saturation or grayscale. The same goes for the other optical parameters.

What brightness is required for an LED screen?
The application scenario will determine the brightness of an LED screen. We recommend:

Application scenarioApplicable brightness

The brightness of an LED screen will vary depending on the specific use and location in different projects. Indoor applications are an example of a different use. The appropriate brightness is shown as follows.

Indoor usageApplicable brightness
Document presentation200-300nits
Video playback400-600nits

Outdoor LED walls are an example of a variety of installation locations. The LED wall should be facing west and east, i.e. If the wall faces the sun, it will need at least 7,000nits brightness. However, if the wall faces south or north, the minimum brightness can drop to 6,000nits.

Here’s the problem: what happens if an LED screen is too bright or too dim? This will be similar to what happens when your phone is dimmed to its darkest in midday sunlight. It is impossible to see clearly. Your eyes will feel tired. However, turning your mobile screen up to maximum brightness at midnight can not only use electricity but also cause eye damage.

A brighter screen may be more appealing, but too much brightness can cause discomfort and waste.

The appropriate brightness of an LED display screen should therefore be determined by the application and the installation environment.


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