Importance Of Air Conditioner Filters Ensuring Its Efficiency

The efficiency of the air conditioners completely depends upon the use of filters. Therefore it is essential to replace the filters on a regular basis. If the filters are dirty and clogged, then it will reduce the airflow within the system. As a result, the filters carry the dirt into the evaporator coil thus impairing the capacity of the coil. There are few filters that can be replaced while others can be reused.

Air Conditioner Filters
Air Conditioner Filters

What are the advantages of air filters?

It is important to have complete understanding of the benefits of air conditioner filters for the comfort of your home. These filters are available in different sizes and have varied ratings.  Air filters can purify the air of your indoor, and they can remove the dust and molds from your rooms. Air conditioners with proper filtration system can save your family from airborne diseases. So if you have breathing issue or asthma then you must replace the filters of your air conditioners in every six months. 

  • The HVAC system is well protected due the use of air conditioner filters. It is usually the lack of maintenance of the system that is the prime reason for the malfunction of the system. If the dust gets accumulated with dust and rust, then it will invariably create huge problems. This can be obviously prevented by regular maintenance. The best way to protect the system is using the air conditioner filters that fit properly if the filters are changed on a regular basis, and then you will find that the airflow is very well circulated around your home. These air filters are not very expensive, but they play a very big role in keeping the system run efficiently and smoothly.
  • There is huge reduction of dust in your home as well as the debris that gets collected on the mechanical parts of the air conditioning system. The best way is to use high efficiency and pleated filters that give a large surface and also has a huge capacity to hold the dust. The pleated filters are highly beneficial because they have the capacity to hold several grams and they can keep your home bacteria free by blowing through the duct back into the air. If dust in the home can be prevented, then it will not appear on the bookshelves or the tables and the windows. It is possible to protect the home décor optimally.
  • The MERV recommends that it is best to use air conditioner filters that have about 8 level of rating. If you want to capture minute dust particles, then you have to opt for higher level of rating. This will help you to capture fine particles and get rid of attached bacteria and other viruses.
  • The indoor air quality will definitely improve with the use of air conditioner filters. This has become very important because you spend about 90% of your time indoors and the pollutants are concentrated almost two to five times more as compared to the outdoor levels. So you need to keep your home neat and clean, and you must change the filters of your air conditioning system on time.
Air Conditioner Filters
Air Conditioner Filters

Any person would love to live in a comfortable and cool home. This is only possible if you have an efficient air conditioner that will not only make your life good but also you can spend a safe and healthy life. The home becomes more secure as the doors and windows are closed constantly. This will increase the level of security and also make your home safe from dust and allergens.