Impacts of Digital Marketing on the Popularity of Traditional Marketing

We have entered into a New Era, the Era of Digital Marketing. Excessive Usage of Internet and Digital Devices has Given Birth to this New Technology in our World. 

It has Rapidly Grown in our World within a Short Period of Time and Left behind The Old Method of Marketing that is Traditional Market. Earlier Traditional Market was in so much Popularity that each Marketer was depend on this process to Advertise their Brand, although it was so costly but they have no option with them. 

 With the Passage of time and increase in Technology things got Changed and so as the Process of Marketing. Now everything is advance and Innovative. Marketing tools have taken a New Look and the most beneficial point is that it is of low cost. Yes, I am talking about the new trend in market that is Digital Marketing Method. 

Let’s discuss in brief what exactly it is.

Digital Marketing 

The word itself describes its meaning marketing a Brand with the Use of Digital device and Internet. It has Given a New Way to all the small and Large Organizations who have failed in there Target due to Lack of Visibility, Awareness and most Importantly lack of Sales due to lack of Buyers. 

With the existence of this Advance Technology many Companies have diverse there Strategy from Traditional to Digital Marketing after Knowing its Tremendous Benefits. Below are some of them to provide you knowledge.

Benefits of Digital Marketing V/S Traditional Marketing 

  1. First and Foremost benefit is that This Process is low or No cost.  Which means any Marketer Small or Large or a New Startup can Use this Process without investing a Single Penny. On the other hand Traditional market is the Most Costlier One and this was the main Reason that many Business got shattered at that time. 
  2. Digital marketing is available worldwide whereas Traditional is limited within Area. 
  3. Digital Marketing consist of Modern Tools like search Engine Optimization,  Social Media Marketing,  Email  Marketing,  Mobile Marketing,  Pay Per Click and Affiliate Marketing  on the Other hand Traditional market consist of Only one Tool that is Printing Ads on Newspaper and Banners. 
  4. Promoting Your Brand through Digital Marketing can be viewed by millions of People around the world but Promotion Made through Traditional market is viewed by only Limited People. 
  5. There is No Particular time limit to Access any website available Online You can use them 24/7 as per your Comfort. On the other hand Traditional Market has Particular time slot of Opening and Closing the shops. 
  6. You can anytime make Modification in your website available online as per the Latest Trend in market to attract more Traffic in your Website but in Traditional once you have published your Promotion then you cannot make any changes. 
  7. Digital marketing consist of Unique and Beneficial features in it that you cannot even imagine. It Also  consist of Google Analytics tools through which you can track Record of  How many customers visited your website , which product is in more demand and which page id viewed Mostly. 

Understanding Each Concept of Digital Marketing very deeply can make you a King of it. 

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