Impact Of Promotional Products On Your Brand

For decades, promotional products have been immensely popular in cementing brand identity and promoting brand recognition. Marketing campaigns focus on personal elements that allow customers to foster relations with brands, and promotional products are a big element of this strategy.

For instance, promotional hats with stylish designs allow brands to establish a coveted image, alongside, exposure and brand recognition. Promotional products and branded giveaways have a powerful impact on your brand identity and revenues.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) conducted research to examine the relation between promotional products and brand growth. Their results revealed a direct association between promotional giveaways, brand recognition, and growth in revenues. They not only promote brand awareness and profits, but they also provide a higher return on investment than other strategies.

Promotional products serve the purpose of making brands more memorable by forging a personal bond. Customers always remember receiving promotional products, which boosts brand loyalty. The rate of return on investment tends to be much higher than other print and broadcast advertisement campaigns. More importantly, they encourage customers to continue buying from a brand or utilizing their services.

Be it a promotional cup, hat or an accessory, it serves the purpose of enhancing brand impression and fostering relations. In this article, we will take a closer look at the impact of promotional products and their advantages for marketing.

Here’s everything you need to know:

 Altering Consumer Behaviors

Promotional products have the power to alter buying behaviors and influence consumer decisions. Statistical research reveals that promotional products allow brands to alter brand positioning in the minds of consumers. The lure of free promotional products and gifts can convince scores of consumers to switch brands.

These products establish an image of quality and charm. For instance, the limited-edition Coco-Cola glasses that everyone wanted to have. Consumers are highly likely to keep their promotional gifts with care and value them for years. Some consumers tend to regard them as collectibles.

Many consumers also have a habit of re-gifting the promotional products and gifts they receive from brands. Simply put, consumers find them useful and always want to scoop up something for free. This is primarily why special offers and discounts that come with free promotional products and giveaways tend to be successful.

When penetrating new markets or altering consumer perceptions, promotional gifts play a significant role. They aid businesses in promoting a positive image of the brand and fostering relations by persuading consumers and establishing loyalty. Therefore, it is important to introduce promotional products that are useful and coveted by consumers.

Brand Exposure & Recognition

Brand messages and promotions need to be repetitive in order to be effective and successful. Promotional products act as excellent advertisement tools as they promote brand exposure without the traditional amount of effort. Brands gain exposure when their consumers repetitive see or hear their advertisements and are reminded of the brand’s message. While television, print media, social media, and digital ads provide excellent mediums, they do not foster personalized bonds.

Promotional products, on the other hand, create bonds with the simple act of gifting. All you have to do is present your consumer with a promotional product once. Over the years, every time that consumer will use your product, your brand will be remembered. In the case of promotional hats and bags, the consumer will carry your brand name, creating exposure amongst other consumers.

Promotional gifts and products make the job much simpler and easier. They represent your company and brand values and advertise your brand without outright promotion. They represent a more personal relation and an aura of exclusivity. It helps create an advantageous impression while the exposure it garners is long-lasting. It leaves a powerful impact on the minds of the consumer, making them more positive admirers of your products/services.

A Personalized Touch

Consumers typically regard advertisements with an air of mistrust and gimmickry. They believe that advertisements are created in a superficial manner to mislead them into buying products/services they don’t need. Truth be told, consumers cannot be blamed for such thinking patterns as most advertisements tend to be impersonal.

Promotional products allow your brand to forge relations and communicate with your consumers on a more personal level. Exchanging gifts create special moments in any given relationship. In the corporate world, it is a token to make sure your consumer always remembers you and your brand. They help boost brand awareness by ensuring that your brand name is always visible and is remembered in a positive light.

They help boost brand memorability, which can even encourage consumers to switch from a competitor’s brand to yours. Free giveaways, promotional gifts at seminars and thank-you products are a great way to leave a long-lasting impression. The more useful and coveted the product, the more it will encourage the consumer to be loyal to your brand.

Brand Engagement

Promotional products are an excellent strategy to boost brand engagement. Corporate gifts, promotional pens, notepads, and hats are all products that capture consumer interest. Consumers are more willing to attend sales, seminars, events and networking occasions if offered promotional gifts and snacks.

Thank you-gifts, rewards and complimentary promotional products are regarded as rewards for their brand loyalty and buying decisions. Research indicates that in an age of competitive digital marketing campaigns, promotional products play a pivotal role in brand engagement.

They have a dynamic allure and they boost engagement that makes the brand more memorable and special. Consumers are much more likely to remember a brand name if they received a promotional gift. Moreover, because of that promotional gift, consumers are more likely to establish a positive impression. It also inculcates a desire to maintain the relationship, which encourages the consumer to continue business with the brand.

This cannot be achieved by a simple digital campaign or a TV advertisement. Promotional gifts allow brands to connect with their consumers on a more personal level. It allows them to create a presence in their homes and personal lives. Many consumers have a habit of collecting promotional items to create collections that associate them with their favorite brands.


Promotional products are increasingly attractive and have an impressive history of capturing and maintaining consumer attention. Despite the technological advancements and emergence of digital marketing, promotional gifts are still appreciated, more than ever. While consumers regard most advertising strategies as a hoax, promotional products are seen as a reward.

Businesses can enjoy bulk promotional products at affordable rates since this marketing strategy is incredibly popular. We strongly advise all businesses to personalize their offerings and offer consumers useful products to remember them by. They create bonds that last forever!