Impact of Digital Marketing on Business In 2020


We live in a world that is emerging every second in the aspect of technology. If you see around, you will see yourself being surrounded by digital technology. Digital technology is a part of our daily lives now, the first thing that you do when you wake up is to check your phone which is Digitalized. Our day starts with technology and ends with technology. Not only us individuals, digital media is now being widely used by everyone including the government, the corporate sector, and the household sector. 

One of the biggest advantage of digital media is the fact that it is successfully being used in digital marketing. Around 2.65 billion people in the world are using digital media as a means of everyday tasks. Organizations and brands took this as an advantage and used it as a tactic to market their brands. Digital Marketing is a common practice now which is being used by almost every brand in the world. Digital Marketing has a lot of impacts on the business sector, some of these important impacts are mentioned below. 

1. Worldwide Reach.

One of the best advantages of using digital marketing is the fact that the brands will get a good reach of the audience. Millions of people use digital and social media which makes it easier for the brand to maximize its reach to the target audience. Digital marketing is one of the easiest yet most efficient way to make sure that the reach of a post or message is maximized. Since everyone is active and present on social and digital media, there is a good chance that they will get the message through digital media. 

Even if a message is being delivered in one country, through digital marketing people from other countries can easily get access to that promotional message which increases the global reach for that brand. 

2. Lower Cost.

Another impact that digital marketing has on business is the factor that it has reduced its marketing costs. Digital media is emerging every day with new social media websites and new digital enhancements, these enhancements have left behind the old ways of marketing which were expensive for the brands. Digital marketing is efficient as well as affordable for well-established brands as well as small ventures. New digital enhancements in 2020 are going to make sure to minimize the cost of marketing for ventures through digital marketing. 

3. Measurable Outcomes. 

When it comes to marketing, it was hard to keep track of how successful those marketing campaigns went. The key performance indicators (KPIs) were difficult to manage and track. Since the evolution of digital marketing, it has become easier and more efficient for the brands to keep track of their KPIs and to make sure to measure the outcomes of how successful or how much their marketing campaign was. 

Digital Marketing includes social media marketing. Let’s take the example of Facebook, the KPIs or the indicators which help an organization to measure the outcomes on Facebook includes the number of likes, comments, and shares on a post or a picture. Due to the evolution of digital marketing, businesses in 2020 would be easily able to measure the outcomes of their promotional and marketing campaigns. 

3. Interaction with the Customers.

One of the most important features of a marketing campaign is to make sure that your customers like it. Customer feedback is one of the most important ways to understand if your campaign was a success or a failure. Digital Marketing has made it easier for organizations to communicate and interact with their customers. 

Taking an example of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, it is easier for the customers to give their feedback directly to the brand itself. The brand is efficiently able to keep contact with its customers which makes the customers feel heard and appreciated. The businesses will be able to have a good interaction system with the customers which will eventually help them get successful by the year 2020. 

4. Publicity.

The digital marketing platform is a platform where people are free to express their feelings about the brand. This might include bad or good publicity. There are people who’d express good feelings and experiences towards the brand and there might be people who’d share their bad experiences with the brand. 

Digital marketing has a wide range of accessibility to the target audience and they might actually be able to gather good and bad reviews. Business in 2020, would be benefited by digital marketing through publicity. 

5. Personalization.

Digital Marketing helps personalization. If an individual is at your platform, the system will connect to it taking its personal information and interests. The next time the same individual visits your platform, the software would already have its interests and information. This way the individual is made to feel appreciated and important by the brand. 

For example, if a customer is interested in jackets, the personalization factor in digital marketing can take them directly to the page or website of the Black Leather Jacket which in turn will save time and energy of the customer making them feel that the brand is efficient in their business. In 2020, the business will be able to have a good amount of information about their regular customers with the help of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing has eased a lot of aspects for the individuals as well as the business sector. The business sector has been advantaged to a great extent, thanks to digital marketing. Although, in a fast movie and emerging world like ours, we can expect a lot more enhancements and developments in the technological as well as the digital world. These enhancements include new digital marketing tactics, new digital gadgets, and other technological advancements. 

Digital marketing is emerging and will have a positive impact on the business sector by the year 2020. Digital marketing in the business world would be one of the key factors of competition for businesses in 2020.