Immig Toronto is the best option for skilled workers dreaming of moving to Canada

Canada recognizes the value of skilled foreign employees in maintaining the country’s economic progress. With a dwindling population, dropping fertility rates, and a scarcity of qualified employees to support a burgeoning economy, Canada presently has almost 8 million permanent immigrants. As per the WES Report, nearly 80% of skilled employees find work in Canada after emigrating, making it an ideal destination for young professionals seeking opportunity and advancement. In 2020, 341,000 immigrants arrived in Canada, with 91,800 of them coming through Express Entry.

New immigration projections show that this figure will continue to rise year after year, with 401,000 people expected to be invited to apply for permanent residency in 2021, with 108,500 of those going through the Express Entry system.

Canadian immigration options for skilled workers

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is defined as an immigration gateway for highly experienced workers, and the Express Entry system in Canada oversees the three main skilled worker immigration programs. Those who meet the Express Entry criteria for Canadian immigration can join the burgeoning economy and be granted the chance to settle as permanent residents in Canada.

The terms mentioned above could be overwhelming, and the process itself is. Also, immigration services are subject to fraud; Canadian immigration is a complex procedure that might be perplexing for some potential immigrants. As a result, it is critical to verify the immigration service provider in order to avoid being duped.

So if you have a dream to settle in maple country, then you are in good hands. Immig Toronto would be the best option to turn your dream of living in Canada into reality.

ImmigToronto works with Ms. Jean Toews, who holds the RCIC License Number R507061 and is an active member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Moreover, Jean is a part of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

You can also go to Canada’s official websiteand fill in the detailstoverify theabove-mentioned information. Now you would think that why there is a need for verification. As we stated above, a lot of fraudsters are misleading their clients and charging a hefty amount, providing nothing in return. So the government decided to provide a list of professionals who are authorized to charge fees and represent their clients. So if you find a representative, it is wise to cross-check their registration. Here, you are in luck as we have already checked that for you, but even if you are unsure so go ahead and verify.

The ImmigToronto team has assisted a large number of skilled employees in immigrating to Canada up to this point. They have a wide range of experience with different immigration cases from multiple regions across the globe. That includes Asia, Latin, and the Gulf countries, thanks to their three offices in Toronto, Florida, and Stockholm. They offer knowledgeable Canada PR Visa professionals that can walk you through the Express Entry application procedure. They ensure that various applicants have their custom-built approaches in order to have the best possibility of obtaining permanent residence in your dream country.

ImmigToronto provides a transparent pricing structure, and the cherry on top is that if you don’t qualify for any of the programs, they will return your entire evaluation charge. One of the most delicate things about the team is that they put their customers through the most stringent verification on the Canadian Immigration Council portal. They further make sure that their clients are thrilled and satisfied with the procedure before enrolling.

If you need extra assurance so listen to what their clients have to say – 

“Thinking about immigrating to Canada?” ImmigToronto is the place to go.”

Improve your odds of living your dream life in Canada in secure hands by completing a Canadian immigration examination with Immig Toronto to determine your suitability and leaving the rest to professionals.

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