Immediate Edge Review 2022- Scam Or Legit ?

product name:Immediate Edge

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Immediate Edge – Trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and earn $5,489 in the following 24 hours

What is Immediate Edge ?

Exceptional software
Bitcoin is the future and our software knows how to profit from it. You can take advantage of it now.

Immediate results
You should be able to withdraw your first profits in 24 hours. See the video above for instructions.

Money machine
Our software generated $25,115,477 in profits last month for our beta testers. Now it’s your turn.

Join us and get rich with Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is  a group reserved exclusively for people who jumped on the crazy returns that Bitcoin offers and have quietly amassed a fortune to do so. Our members enjoy Retreats around the world every month while making money on their laptop with just minutes of “work” each day.

This is our report for  Immediate Edge It is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins. We have tested all the features of  Immediate Edge  and our results are impressive.  Immediate Edge  gives users a chance to invest and gain profits daily in the cryptocurrency market. It is an “easy to use” trading platform that has a high success score. This means that all users can win the platform after every trading session.

Immediate Edge Review

The principle with which it works is simple. The intelligent trading robots work with a sophisticated algorithm to detect the best trades for users. These transactions are automatically done using funds deposited in the users’ account and a profit is always made.

Our attention was drawn to Immediate Edge after reading so many positive reviews from current users. It seems many people have discovered the gold mine which is Immediate Edge . This is great news because the cryptocurrency market is very vast, and there is so much money to be made by everyone who invests.

Crypto Softwares Review – Scam or is it legit?

We have been following the online reactions to auto trading robots and it is obvious that many people do not know much about these trading platforms well enough to make the best decision.

This is why we have decided to review the Crypto Softwares. We plan to test the auto trading system and confirm if it can be trusted. As experienced cryptocurrency traders, we know how lucrative these robots are, many people are making a fortune with trading robots every day. More people need to know how they work and join to start reaping the financial benefits.

We know many of our readers have been waiting for our report after testing the Immediate Edge We have concluded our assessments and we are happy to state that Immediate Edge is one of the best auto trading robots for cryptocurrency in the market. If you have been thinking of investing inImmediate Edge , it is a great decision; you can make more money than many other investment options out there.

We are really impressed with the features on Immediate Edge , my analytics team also observed that the site is transparent and easy to study, they found out how current users of the platform are making so much money every day.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!


1- Ease of use

Immediate Edge Is user-friendly. We have tested the system and can confirm that the developers have done everything to ensure that people having their first experience with a trading robot will not have any issues when using Immediate Edge

it very easy to open a new Immediate Edge account and access the live trading feature. Making a deposit to start earning was also a simple process. We think it is important that these processes are simplified to encourage more people to invest and make money; the cryptocurrency market can make millions of people financially free.

2- Impressive success rate.

The success rate for all transactions on Immediate Edge  is impressive, our analytics tools show that it is 92% this means that all transactions are going to be potentially profitable.

3- Demo account and tutorials. New and old users can benefit from using the demo account to know more about auto trading and how the robots work.

4- Customer service

Our experience was always excellent. The customer service system on Immediate Edge  works flawlessly, and it is available 24/7. We tested the live chat feature, phone calls, and email portals in this section. Customer service is important, and making it a 24/7 service means users from all over the world can get assistance at any time.

It is important to have a reliable customer support system, on Immediate Edge ; the customer support helpdesk is open 24/7, so we are sure that no user can become stranded.

5- Authenticity

We confirmed the registration of the auto trading platform the identity of the owners and other information such as hosting information and online security protocols. Also, we did a live trade session and initiated a withdrawal after making money with Immediate Edge . All these processes went smoothly; we assessed the outcomes and arrived at the score above.


While we ran our tests and checks, it was good to note that all the features of Immediate Edge worked excellently, the auto trading platform is free from glitches and can be used by anyone regardless of their knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

7- Online Safety

The online security protocols on Immediate Edge  are top-notch. All communication across the platform is encrypted, and funds are also protected. Every user has a secret password known only to them; this means the chances of hacking an account is no

Step by step to open a new  Crypto Softwares The process of opening a new  Crypto Softwares account

in four simple steps. We wrote this guide from our experience.


1- Registration of trading account

The Immediate Edge  registration page can be accessed online from your browser on a smartphone or laptop; We tested this to see that it works; we opened the office registration page on smartphones. To get started, the information on the registration page must be entered.

the system only requires full names, emails and a phone number to open a new account on  Immediate Edge , other auto  trading sites require much more information, and this makes the registration process hectic. After opening a new account by submitting the form and receiving a confirmation from the system, our new account was linked to a broker who is connected to the system.

2- Making a deposit

it’s easy for users from all over the world to get Immediate Edge accounts and start earning. We saw payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, MasterCard and other options.Deposit

The analysts in my team had previously assessed the security of the platform. We found out that Immediate Edge is SSL protected; this means that data and communications on the platform are encrypted. We were impressed by this approach because online security is a crucial factor and we cannot recommend any automated trading platform that does not secure the system.

To test the live trading feature, we funded our new account with $ 250. This was a test, and we’re glad it turned out great. Our new  Immediate Edge account was credited with the money in less than ten minutes, and we were ready to start the live trading feature.

3- Demo Trading on Immediate Edge

This is one of the great features we found on Immediate Edge automated trading platform; The demo trading software allows users to test the automatic trading system for cryptocurrencies without using real money. We used the demo trading function to analyze how the trading robots monitor market signals and discover the best money to create opportunities for account holders. The system is perfect; we could understand why the success of Immediate Edge  is so high.

4 – Live trading

We started our live trading session after choosing the best cryptocurrency pairs and setting the stop-loss feature. The stop loss prevents the system from trading your funds when the market is negative. It is a security  that protects your money, very impressive. Our first live trading session lasted six hours; we saw it happen because this was a review and we had to follow everything. We split the funds into two halves and the system is traded on our account. In the end, our account balance had an additional $ 130 after payment; this was our win for the day.

Is Immediate Edge legit? Our Conclusion!

This is our conclusion after testing and reviewing all the Immediate Edge features. Our experience with the system lasted for three days because we needed to be sure that the results from our analytics tools were accurate. We can conclude that all investors with Immediate Edge stand a high chance of making a profit every day. The auto trading platform is well managed, secure, and transparent.

Yes, we can confidently conclude that Immediate Edge is legit. We have tested many auto trading sites and Immediate Edge  gave us one of our best experiences yet. We are impressed with the system; it offers all investors a chance to make money online with a few clicks.  All the user needs to do is make a deposit and activate the live trading feature.

A look at the Immediate Edge website offers further proof that the software is above board; there are dozens of testimonials from some of the many happy users who have made huge amounts of money and are experiencing financial freedom thanks to trading CFDs with Immediate Edge . All of these users confirm that the software delivers all that it promises to, and that the team behind the software have the best interests of their customers at heart. The bottom line is, Immediate Edge is a trustworthy software that helps people grow rich from trading digital currencies online.

We also think it is a great idea to make it easier for more people to make money from the cryptocurrency market by setting the deposit low, many people can afford to invest $250, and watch the money doubled in a few days through cryptocurrency trades.

We were able to test and study all its features, and everything works perfectly. We were also able to withdraw our profit in 24-hours; this means that it is not a scam. There are hundreds of satisfied users as seen on the feedback page. We know why so many people are making money with Immediate Edge  the trading robots work fast and are accurate. The automated trading system is also monitored by brokers who ensure that all investors make money after live trading sessions.

We recommend Immediate Edge to everyone who wants to become financially free. Open an account in a few minutes and start making money with Immediate Edge

For more information about  Immediate Edge click here


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