I’m World Cup’s hottest fan – Watch my fun way to ‘predict’ winner of Croatia v Argentina but it didn’t quite go to plan

I’m World Cup’s hottest fan – Watch my fun way to ‘predict’ winner of Croatia v Argentina but it didn’t quite go to plan

THE model dubbed the World Cup’s hottest fan has shared her fun way to predict the winner of the semi-final.

Ivana Knoll, 30, has posted a video of her trying to predict tonight’s winner ahead of the match between her beloved Croatia and Argentina.

The model predicted Croatia will be tonight’s

The Croatian fan known for her racy outfits

The stunning brunette can be seen dress in her usual red and white ensemble. So ready to kick a ball towards an Argentinian fan or a Croatian.

But her prediction trick didn’t go according to plan as she actually manage to kick the ball right to the Croatian fan’s stomach.

The German-born model then cheers: “Croatia is winning for sure!”

The model who has taken the Qatar competition by storm with her racy outfits, recently that she had promised to strip naked if her team win the tournament.

Despite defying the country’s modesty laws, she said she had encountered no problems with her outfit choices in Qatar, and even had families with children asking to take pictures with her.

The Croatian model was picture being surround by fans who asked for photos and videos.

She appeared to be stopped by Qatari security ahead of the Brazil-Croatia game when a man and women in official World Cup tabards could be seen in deep discussion with her in the stands.

She also trolled Brazil’s Richarlison, after Croatia knocked the five-times World Cup champions out in the Quarter-Finals on penalties.

Imitating the Spurs striker’s signature pigeon dance, she accompanied the video with the savage message:

“Do your pigeon dance on your way back home.”

Ivana designs and sells her own bikinis, swimsuits, and other revealing clothing, all in the distinctive red-and-white chequerboard pattern of the Croatian flag.

She previously made a splash at the 2018 World Cup in Russia where her outfits were noticed.

The stunning brunette predicted Croatia will win tonight’s