Illustration of Art through Different Mediums

Art Techniques and their effects


Throughout the course of human history, arts has been a topic of interest. Each era witnessed a plethora of artists who introduced new methods of their own. These introductions shaped modern art paintings as we see them today. 

One of these artists is well-known for her unique implementations of these techniques. Diana Roy artist had her own way of painting. Her art pieces depict many techniques, and her work towards art is held in high regard. 

Types of Art Techniques

As an artist, Diana Roy played around with many techniques. Let’s go through some techniques that are used by artists to create stunning affordable original artwork in canada.

With the dawn of new artists, we witness more techniques being born. Methods such as digital painting, printmaking, etc. were never heard of before. Today, we’re going to have a look at conventional methods that modern artists employed in their era. 

Mediums and Techniques used Throughout the History

Modern art paintings have encompassed a wide range of methods. Some methods are very common even in today’s world, but some methods have been buried away.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting was born in the 16th century, and it quickly became a medium that was endorsed by many artists of that time. Natural ingredients such as poppy seed and walnut oil were used as drying agents for the paint. 

Oil paints brought life to the painting. It gave the artist freedom on the canvas. The light reflected from these paintings very differently. Oil painting also gave artists the luxury to freely work as the drying time is long. 

Some famous artists who used this medium are Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Hot Wax Painting

Also referred to as Encaustic Painting, it used hot beeswax as a binding material. Several artists from different eras used the paint on wooden planks, and reheated the canvas to give it a glossy finish. The painting method was originally from Greece. 

The advantage to this type of painting is that it can be remodeled, and can be mixed with other mediums. It is also very environmental- friendly thanks to the organic materials within. 

Watercolor Painting

This incorporates water-soluble pigments mixed with a binding agent. Watercolors are an excellent choice when an artist wants to make quick original pieces. They dry fast, and add stunning details to a painting. 

The downgrade to this medium is that no matter what technique you choose, they fade with time. Due to their properties, the pigments evaporate when exposed to light. 

Watercolor dates back to thousands of years. They were a part of Chinese and Japanese art. It was not until the 18th century that western artists started to work with them for painting landscapes. 

Acrylic Paint

Lastly, we have acrylic paint. Introduced in the early 1940s, this paint medium has garnered attention from artists of all ages. The brush techniques, depth, and strokes resemble that of oil paints. 

These paints give you the liberty to employ any technique. Any surface can be used for the paint application, making it an ideal choice for contemporary artists.

Diana’s Take on these Techniques

Some of these mediums and techniques can be visualized through Diana’s beautiful paintings. Her fusion of different mediums for her modern art paintings are a sight to behold. 

Her paintings depict use of different strokes to instill depth. Each stroke tells a story. It conveys the emotions of the artist at that time to the person.