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“You can’t judge a book by its cover. Really? And yet, most of us do, all the time. Let us be honest, have you ever come across a book shopper going into a book store, just picking the book, not glancing at the cover, and heading straight to the payment counter and buy it? No. it is unreal. Book cover design is as essential in the choice of the book as the appearance of any other item we purchase. We are visual beings. Seeing is as normal as breathing. We get attracted to book designs. And even though the blurb, the author, the publishing house is analyzed by the book buyer – the title designs are equally important. Our agency has creatives, designers, illustrators, artists, and book publishing masterminds in the team who get together to bring clients the perfect final product of book cover title designs. Since we have a literature background, we all are book nerds in one way or another. Comic book fandom, classic admirers, or contemporary lovers – the squad is ideal for aiding the writer’s journey. We understand the fundamentals of beauty and interactivity in a book design.” Alice Mathews, the Promotions Executive, began the press release.

“What is a book cover illustration? It is the designing of a book cover (novel, novella, short story compilation, educational booklets, travelogue, etc.). It is the method of giving a writer’s manuscript a form by materializing it into the shape of a book with its own particular identity. An effective book cover is a prerequisite to making a bibliophile feel the script instead of talking about it. The quality of a good book cover design is it becomes the center point in a crowd. Whether when it gets into the hands of an individual reading it, or bookshelf of a person or in the library or a bookstore. The ultimate goal of a book cover design is to get the attention of potential readers. A great one convinces a booklover to consider your book among the lot. It improves the chance of it being sold. Therefore, taking away the consideration of book buyers from all volumes and market them on the impression that your book is a page-turner. It is the next book they require on their bookshelves.” She defined the benefits.

“Utilizing illustrated covers for the design of books enhances the sense of the writer’s singularity among other novelists. Consequently, it expands the experience of the audience and knowledge towards your writing works. It facilitates budding and established authors as an active tool to send ideas and messages. A cover title hints at what is inside the book in a subtle manner, whether it is a paperback or an internet version of the same. The cover design supremacy is hard to challenge given the growing culture of visuals rooted in products people buy. Also, illustration is great to embrace the abstract ideas the playwrights put in the book. Hence, a spectacular and artistic book cover interacts with readers. In fact, the book designs are not just about the title – it is the backside and the spine. At times, some clients even require illustration to combine with texts such as in children literature.” She stated.

Responding to the queries regarding why the writing alone is not enough for the book to ignite the interest of the public, she answered: “The old school thinking of not judging a book by its cover is a little confusing. Basically, the cover design is like the walls of your house. You do not say we cook yummy food at home inside & keep the rooms clean; that is why we do not want to beautify the exterior of the house. To turn a place welcoming and tempting, we revamp its appeal. The same applies to the book cover. Keep faith in the narrative written for the book. Yet, in the age of Snap Chat, Instagram and Twitter – it has become the norm to demonstrate literary pieces. The better the demonstration, the higher the chance to sell more books. On top of it, Illustration Experts UK have specialists who weave the clues from your plot into graphics. As a result, igniting the interest of people.”

“Illustration Experts offer top-notch illustration design services at reasonable prices. The services include book cover illustration, cartoon illustration, comic illustration, storyboard illustration, brand identity illustration, children’s book illustration, and mascot illustration. From endearing children’s books to contemporary cover design, illustrations can be a brilliant way to make an exceptional book cover. It captures the attention of bookworms, hinting at an outstanding literary idea with the help of figures, fonts, and texts. It translates the idea of a story inside the book with colorful and masterful strokes. A good book cover transports the message via the design in a thoughtful manner. We are proud to have illustrators and designers in the team who possess the expertise and experience of producing best-selling cover designs.” She further added.

“For authors aiming to sell more copies of their book, getting a well-thought-out, the carefully designed cover is vital. Because in all honesty, a unique cover design entices the general audience. At Illustration Experts, we understand this necessity, and that is why we carefully craft the book cover designs. Today we are excited to announce up to 50% discounts on the services. The decision was taken in support of aspiring authors. Plus, there is another important purpose. Halloween is around the corner, which will be followed by Christmas and New Year Eve. With the abundance of choices for festivity present, the value of the book has not decreased. Because everyone knows a bibliophile wants a book whether it is a birthday, festival or any other event. Similarly, the occasion is best to writers sell books to people for their loved ones. Wordsmiths with captivates cover design titles can ascend their chance to be noticed on the aisle and internet corners.” She further elaborated on the advantage of stunning book title designs.


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