5 Illustration design trends that you are going to witness in 2020

We are stepping into the future of illustration, it is no more like it used to be. Illustration trends have been in constant growth throughout history; some repeat themselves whilst others are born along the way. But in short, illustration trends make a massive impact on the industry. They have been in use since ages from being incorporated on wall paintings to scrolls and pamphlets and now on magazines for branding purposes as well as on book covers and so many more.

However, in the 2020 illustration design trends are predicted to evolve and reshape themselves. Here are 5 examples on what is to come in the future.

5 Illustration designs trends to keep a look out for:

1.Limited color schemes on flat images

As far as illustrations are compared, 2020 is going to bring back flat images but with a hint of melancholy to it. Restrictions can come in handy at times, especially due to the reason that they keep ideas confined and help the illustrator form imagery around a specific concept rather than drifting away to another one. 

There are times when less is more and you don’t require to add any more details, similarly with this trend illustrations are going to appear more sophisticated and well put. With hues of shadows and dark ombre, which is going to be a perfect cocktail that will stand out.

2.Nimbus and subtle gradients

Gradients are sought to become a famous trend in the year 2020. They will be subtle and transition from one color to another in a soft manner that would depict the source of light flowing out from one end to another, lighting up the complete image. Used in the right manner, this trend can reach all heights of admiration. 

However, it requires a lot of control over the artistic skills to form a gradient that transforms that softly. And the softness enables it to captivate the viewer and make an impact on their emotional states.

3.Surrealism in 3D

Art has prevailed to all stages from being seductive to weird, and that has generated a new trend which is 3D surrealism. This trend is going to bring unique concepts to life and in motion that can be mind-bending for the viewers. Not only will it allow illustrators to explore but it will enable them to transform every thought into a physical form.

By the help of technological advancements creators have easy access to experiment and play with art. The aim of this trend is to make communication easy and engage viewers into stories through different techniques.

4.Abstract and geometrical patterns

Abstract and geometrical patterns can be seen widely being used amongst children’s book illustration to magazine covers. It mostly consists of shapes, patterns in grids along with abstract designs that merge into one. It is an effective method to decorate art work.

This trend is going to become famous in 2020, mainly for the reason that it is captivating and yet simple. It has been ridden with color palettes that complement the designs and help them pop out, engaging the viewer into the illustration.

These 4 illustration trends are going to evolve illustration in 2020 which is exactly why you must focus on them whilst you create art. Each trend has a voice of its own and needs to be tailored differently, since it offers different purposes. Find ways to break out from your usual work style and experience by using these trends in 2020. 

Umair Sami

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