IGTV should be used as a marketing tool

IGTV has created a lazy start, but brands are getting the advantages of IGTV as a marketing tool, and you should too!

After a slow start to Instagram TV (IGTV), it is becoming an integral part of the social media strategy. After the announcement in February, Instagram would allow a one-minute preview of IGTV videos on the main Instagram feed, things began to change, and views skyrocketed.

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If you haven’t joined yet, you should. IGTV should be used as a marketing tool, what is it, why, and how!


What is IGTV?
Why You Should Use IGTV
More traffic
Long videos
Instagram integration
How to Get Started with IGTV
Step 1: Configure your channel
Step 2: Post your first video
Hints and Inspiration
Use your IGTV to create a “swipe up” feature on your story
Step 1: Create a video that you can upload to IGTV
Step 2: Add title and description to the video
Step 3: Create an Instagram story
Inspiration: Sephora
Inspiration: Lele Pons
Size Guide for IGTV
What is IGTV?
In June, Instagram launched IGTV as “a new app for watching long, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators.” In May 2019, they also began allowing landscape videos. So primarily a platform to contend with YouTube.

Each creator has his own “channel” like TV. And just like a television, as soon as you access IGTV, the videos start playing. Can you say, “Hello, I’m busy ?!”

The standalone IGTV app is here, but can also access it from your Instagram app. Unlike regular Instagram videos, IGTV videos can be as long as 10 minutes to an hour.

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Why You Should Use IGTV?
IGTV can have great benefits for your customers’ business as well as your own. It’s about creating value for your customers. Here are some of the permissions that come with IGTV:

More Traffic

Having another platform to share video content means watching elsewhere. As a result, there is more engagement and more customers.

By 2020, digital video viewership in the United States is expected to exceed 236 million. There are a lot of potential people looking at your content.

Long Videos

Unlike videos uploaded directly to Instagram, your IGTV videos can be up to 10-60 minutes long. This has made it a great location for how behind the scenes, story features, and much more!

While Instagram Stories and other platforms are better suited for posting things as they are, IGTV needs to think carefully and plan.

Think about your target audience. What do they want to see? What do they want from you? How can you help them?

Instagram Integration
As Instagram announced in February that users could post a one-minute preview of their IGTV videos directly to the news feed, the number of viewers has increased. When a new video arrives, your followers can tap directly from their feed to watch the entire video.

Posting previews on Instagram, and sending followers on your IGTV helps boost engagement. This also helps you to get more likes and followers. You can also buy Instagram followers Canada through “”. This is an easy way to boost your Instagram accounts and engagement.

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Using IGTV can also open a form of the “swipe up” feature for your Instagram stories (more on that later).

Additional Note: will not automatically upload videos posted on IGTV to your Instagram. If you want them to appear on your feed, you’ll need to click “Post Preview” under the title and description page when uploading your IGTV video.

How to Get Started with IGTV?
You can access IGTV through the standalone app or Instagram.

If you continue to produce long videos, we suggest you download the app. Setting up and getting started with gestures is straight forward. But here’s a quick retrieval:

Step 1: Set up Your Channel
First, download the IGTV application to your device or click on the TV icon in your Instagram app.
When you open the app, it will ask if you want to continue as your current Instagram profile. You can click Continue, or if you are operating with various accounts, you can click Switch Account.
Next, adjust your notification settings or leave them later.
Create your channel. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner and click “Create Channel”.
Step 2: Post Your First Video
Open the IGTV app or click on the IGTV icon from your Instagram page.
Click the plus sign in the top right corner.
Select the video you want to update, and if you want it to have a picture or landscape.
Select your cover image. You can select a frame from the video or add an image from your camera roll. (This is especially important if you are uploading a preview on Instagram as it will show the cover photo on your grid)
Add title and description.
Decide where you want your video to appear (it can be previewed on Instagram and/or posted on Facebook as a video).
Click on the post.
Hints and Inspiration
There are many different things you can do with IGTV. Here are some of our favourites:

Use Your IGTV Guide to Create a “Swipe Up” Feature on Your Story
In a previous blog post, we discussed whether Instagram Story’s “swipe up” features are only available for verified accounts or if you have more than 10,000 followers. But there are a couple of job opportunities to add a link to your IG Story, and IGTV is one of them.

Step 1: Create a Video that You can Upload to IGTV

This should be a video in which people are instructed to click somewhere on the screen to lead them to a particular link. This could be a video of you pointing somewhere or an arrow pointing to a “static” video where you want to tap them.

One thing to keep in mind when making this is that IGTV videos need to be at least a minute long.

Step 2: Add Title and Description to the Video may customize your title, but we recommend “click here for the link” which strengthens your CTA. In the description, enter the URL you want to direct users to. This is the most important part!

Step 3: Create an Instagram Story
Once you’ve uploaded your IGTV video, create your story on Instagram, and you’ll see a “link” icon in the top options. Don’t get too excited; you can’t link directly to the URL yet. But click on the link, and you will get the option to link to your IGTV video. Select your CTA video and post.

Inspiration: Sephora

We talked about Sephora in the previous article, but honestly, they appreciate using IGTV as an effective marketing tool, so they’re re-highlighted.

Makeup and Hair Tutorials, FAQs, and How-tos resonate deeply with its 18.4 million followers. They take time to plan each video and understand what their audience wants. While they are making helpful and interesting things, they are also selling. Win!

Inspiration: Lele Pons

You don’t have to sell products or services to use IGTV, and a great example of this is Leila Ponce.

Ponce is known for his hilarious internet videos and has made some “TV shows” on his IGTV. She had instalments called “What’s in the kitchen” where she cooks different meals and brings different guests. IGTV gave him a platform to open a different part of his life.

So even if you’re not “selling” anything, IGTV can add value to your audience experience.

Sizing Guide for IGTV
Here are all the details you need to know about sizing, timing, and framing:

Suggested Size

Vertical: 9:16
Cover Image: 420 px by 654 px (or 1: 1.55 ratio)
Horizontal: 16: 9
Minimum frame rate: 30 fps
Minimum resolution: 720 pixels
Maximum file size: 10 minutes or less is 650MB, 60 minutes is 3.6GB
While getting started with IGTV may seem like a daunting task, you need video in your social media strategy to address this. Very important So jump on the IGTV train and create value for your customers! Hope you love reading “IGTV Guide”