IGI Markets Review – Access the Platform with Market’s Leading Tools of Trading

I was always good at understanding difficult charts but I never considered the same as one of my hidden talent. Some close friends always insisted on me to use this talent and advised me to visit the website of IGI Markets, an online brokerage service. I was also very specifically told to access its Trading Room. When I entered the room I saw plenty of charts containing price movements of assets pertaining to stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies which convinced me to initiate career in online trading. Through this IGI Markets Review I will try my best to convince others that online trading is for everyone and anyone could be a trader.

Continue reading so that you can understand how to be a part of this rapidly expanding community of online traders.

Immaculate Accounts For Traders

Until and unless, you don’t have a trading account, you simply cannot make you way into the online trading markets which include local and international markets. You can get over with this hurdle very swiftly with the broker because you will find not one or two but five accounts at least. By sending an initial deposit of Euro 500, you can obtain the Basic account of IGI Markets, which is a perfect choice specifically for beginner traders. Otherwise, experienced or average traders can choose an account out of Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP but their initial deposit requirement ranges from Euro 10K to 250K.

In the basic account, you would be offered all the necessary features, tools and resources to begin trading at your convenience. In addition, you would be offered a dedicated account manager (except for Basic), maximum spread up to 0.5 pips and leverage trading.

Range of Investment-Friendly Assets

The broker also offers a very plus point which can be seen in the range of investable assets. Your limits are left lose so that you can simultaneously trade in several assets in one time without the need of opening separate accounts for separate types of assets. With the broker you can invest in any particular type of asset of your choice (e.g. stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies) with confidence.

My personal recommendation for you to engage in crypto trading because you can explore plenty of options in the trading of exotic cryptocurrencies and ICOs. At the same time, crypto trading has been growing so fast that the returns have increased manifold.

Multiple Award Winning Trading Platform

Several awards have been given to the broker particularly with regard to the simple layout yet powerful design of the platform. Account activation will immediately let you interact with smart charts, market insights, technical indicators and other such technologically advanced trading tools. With the assistance of these tech-based tools, you can effectively and conveniently analyze prevailing trends in the global financial markets. Because of these immaculate tools, the trading platform of the broker becomes extra-powerful, granting you full command over your trade executions.

Platform accessibility is also at its very best because the platform is entirely web-based which excludes the need of downloading third party software, tools or resources. In addition, you don’t need to stick around a dedicated place or device for the purposes of accessing the platform. If you are traveling and forgot to bring your laptop or tab then your mobile phone can grant you full access to the broker’s platform.

Efficiently Responsive Customer Support

It is very likely that while you are interacting with the platform or any feature or tool, you may happen to unintentionally invite technical difficulties. You shouldn’t be worried about them because your worries have been covered by offering you 24/5 customer support. Within a few minutes you will be put back where you were by the customer support staff as if the issue never slinked in. You can either give them a call or leave a message through the Contact Form facility. Alternatively, live guidance can be obtained through live chat support option.

End Remarks

IGI Markets is the leading brokerage service provider in variety of assets which has also made available all the helpful tools of effective trading. There is a distance of an inch between you and the broker and that distance can be removed by you taking the first step which is indeed the account sign-up.  I would be more than happy to welcome you in our growing community.