IFGICT, World’s Largest ICT Federation about to land the ICT Standard with EVC in Saudi Arabia

This Sept.’19, an official agreement was signed between IFGICT and EVC KSA, carrying a specific scope which is to deliver and apply ICT Standard over KSA’s public / Government agencies through EVC which will take a place to land such standard along with IFGICT.


Dr.Kayyali mentioned “This is a great step towards the ICT Industries and e-Government in KSA, which is alignment of the vision 2030 of KSA”


The agreement was signed by Dr.BAsim Zafar, CEO of EVC representing as consulting firm with WadiMekka and eGovernment of KSA (CITC Authority) and by Dr.Kayyali, president of IFGICT in the USA.


IFGICT is a not for profit registered federation in US UNFCCC as a Service Provider for the provision of consultancy, training and implementation of efficient technology in the information and communication technology sector.


The ICT Standard by IFGICT for technology management is a business-oriented and practical ICT management structure for companies as well as public sector and non-profit organizations of all sizes.


IFGICT’s vision is to advance the capacity development profession by developing ICT standard for profession and validating individuals come across those standards through evaluation and recognition and to award internationally recognized, most excellent credentials for ICT and business technology development professionals wide-reaching.



Photo: Dr.Basim Zafar, CEO EVC KSA (left), Dr.Kayyali Mohamed, President of IFGICT (right)



CITC Authority, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, represented by the e-Transactions Program “Yasser”,is implementing the project of measuring the digital transformation of government agencies, in order to support the implementation and use of e-government services and achieve the process of digital transformation optimally. This output of the presentation of methodology and the improved framework for measurements based on the recommendations that emerged from the analysis of the current situation and bench marking study.


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