IFGICT Digital Passport: For Individuals, Schools, Enterprises and Governments


Digital Passport by IFGICT is a new ICT Skills training program helping people around the world to discover new digital skills and to increase and prosper in an increasingly linked world, we trust that everyone can become a digital skills specialist, as long as they are educated in the pleasurable method and with a style that is appropriate to their individual learning style.


IFGICT Digital Passport help corporate shape training requirements and systems implementation when progressing out various technology platforms. Governments across the globe are drafting policies for concrete implementation of technologies in the effective administration and operation of civil service. Key to the implementation of the e-Government initiatives is the concrete capacity building to employees so that they are prepared not only to operate, but also embrace technologies using IFGICT Digital Passport.


How It Works

  1. VTP / Partners in collaboration with Government, School or Enterprise decide which training courses in ICT should be conducted to individuals
  2. Upon the approval from IFGICT and our partners, we help and guide ICT training courses online or onsite through our regional partners and VTP.
  3. Once the candidates complete the courses and pass exams (if needed) , IFGICT initial Digital Passport for each candidate
  4. Digital Passport can be delivered as hard copy via International Express post mail (extra charges may be applied) or via our local partner / VTP in your country with Online verification ID / Code


More info, please reach out www.ifgict.org

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