Ideas to Surprise Your Wife With Exclusive Push Presents

Plan to surprise your expecting wife with the best push presents. To make their wife feel special, all loving husbands purchase plush presents that are mainly given to pregnant women or new mothers. In spite of exploring the pre-made jewelry from eminent sellers, you can go a step forward as a loving and caring husband to custom-made a piece of jewelry for your dearest wife.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best plush presents for your wife then, here, we have some ideas to share—

Diamond Earrings

If you know that your wife has a keenness toward diamond earrings, then this is the right time to surprise her with a pair of diamond studs or danglers. As a husband, you might know your wife’s passion for earrings. Based on that preference, you can decide whether to buy a pair of diamond studs or a pair of dangling for your beloved wife.

If you see your wife wearing the dangling more then go for the trending chandelier diamond earrings designed and manufactured by an acclaimed jeweler. Your eyes might get fixed on a pair of solitaire diamond studs that you can also collect for your pregnant wife as a beautiful plush present.

Get her a ring

Buy a trending diamond cocktail ring for your wife as a gorgeous plush present. These oversized rings are much in vogue these days. So, despite exploring the collections of diamond wedding rings for women, you can also peep into the collections of the cocktail ring collections to pick one for your beloved wife.

Visit a reputed brand selling precious jewelry and capable of customizing them accordingly. Be specific about choosing the diamonds. Collect the certificate of the precious jewelry that you buy as it proves the authenticity of the diamonds. 

Buy a necklace

The flagship plush present necklaces are the keepsake lockets with a chain. You can also go for an alphabet pendant along with a chain for your beloved wife. If the name of the child is decided, then buy the alphabet locket for the child and the new mother.

You can also get a footprint-shaped locket and put a tiny ruby or diamond on it as a locket that your wife can wear with a chain.

Get your wife a solitaire diamond pendant with a platinum or gold chain that she would love to wear with formal or casual dresses.

Personalized bracelets

Buy a rose gold, gold, platinum, white gold, or a sterling silver bracelet for your wife. To give it a personalized touch, ask the jeweler to etch a nice line or the names and you and your wife along with the child’s name on it.

Charm necklaces or bracelets are also bought for plush presents. You can purchase the best pieces of token jewelry as your chosen present for your beloved wife.

Whenever you’re buying diamond jewelry, check the 4Cs of the diamond, including the carat, cut, color, and clarity. You can choose the size of the diamond accordingly from a reputed seller.