Ideas for Your Construction Team to Celebrate Thanksgiving

You can bet that this year’s Thanksgiving will be considerably unique. While being safe, you can nevertheless show your gratitude, congratulate, and socialize with your construction crew. Many businesses are beginning to make plans as thanksgiving 2021 approaches. So, if you are in charge of organizing workplace events, whether on-site or at the office, start conceptualizing today. Holidays are the perfect time to get your mind off heavy equipment sales for a short while.

We’ve come up with a list of some terrific ideas for entertaining Thanksgiving activities for your employees to make it simpler for you. It contains activities for both online and in-person events that, regardless of the current circumstances, can boost your construction workforce participation.

Thanksgiving weekend Projects for Your Online Construction Crew

Nowadays modern technologies are improving rapidly, and they are even assisting in the celebration of major events such as Thanksgiving. If your construction crew is spread out throughout the country, there are a variety of ways to spend Thanksgiving with them.

Take a look at the following:

1. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt or Online Trivia Night

With your construction crew, plan and design a virtual team-building event. Bring everyone together to mark the start of the holiday season. Make a formal announcement to your team. Post your plans and announcements on an all-sharing platform, such as subcontractor scheduling software, so that all of your teams can see them and reply quickly.

Engage in this digital event with your crew. They will undoubtedly be delighted that they get to do more than just focus on heavy equipment sales for the day. The setup is ideal for a staff that works entirely from home.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering is a terrific way to strengthen your team on this Holiday. The key problem here is your crew, which is mostly remote. We’ve previously talked about online trivia, and now it’s time to talk about virtual volunteer activities. It is one of several possibilities available to you, particularly during this season. This would provide you and your team the opportunity to bond as well as give back to the community at the same time.

Your Construction Crew’s In-Person Employee Engagement

1. Provide food for your team

The Thanksgiving holiday revolves around cuisine. As a result, don’t overlook the influence of free meals. One method to gain the support and stomachs of your team members this Holiday season is to serve them. While ordering boxes of pizzas is a terrific alternative, this year’s Christmas season must go above and beyond! While we don’t recommend treating your construction staff to a five-course luxury supper, simply improving a company-provided lunch is a significant improvement. It gives your employees a sense of worth and appreciation.

2. Brighten Everyone’s day

The way a morning goes can define or ruin the rest of the day. Your workers are accustomed to rising well before the sunrise. They require that added jolt to get the most out of their strength. Giving your colleagues a gift voucher to their favorite coffee shop is a simple approach to brighten up their daytime routine.

3. Thanksgiving holiday Hours

When your employees have been working all day they would really appreciate a happy hour at the end of it with some drinks to relax. If your company were to provide them with a happy hour the employees will really feel appreciated. But make sure to find out if everyone can get home safely.

4. Themed Parade on Thanksgiving Day

One of the really popular holiday customs in the United States is the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’ll be a great concept for a worksite gathering. Encourage your construction crew and other departments to collaborate on a Holiday parade. Begin parades on-site, and get everyone to choose for their favorite. Arrange for some awards for the victors, as well. It’ll be a wonderful way to include the holiday tradition while also getting everyone to work together.