Ideas For Setting Up Your Mancave


Do you have a small room that’s not being used? It could be the perfect candidate to become a man cave, a quiet place away from the rest of your home where you can chill out. Man caves can be stashed with whatever you want, so deciding on what to do can be difficult for some guys out there.

Fortunately for you, we’ve created this short page full of ideas that you can use when setting up your own man cave. Man caves are often a retreat away from the responsibilities of everyday life. You should get a timekeeper from Best Wall Clock so you keep track of how long you’ve been relaxing.

Know Your Limits

Before you commit to anything, you should know your limits. There are three main things you should watch out for – space, electronics, and plumbing. The first one is fairly self-explanatory; you need to have enough space to fit everything in your room.

As for power, the room should have the necessary outlets and wiring required to cater to electronics and other appliances you want to have. The specific equipment in your man cave will depend on your own personal tastes. Some might prefer a low-tech amateur cigar lounge while others prefer a brightly lit gaming room or even a home arcade.

Note that basements and attics will be even more demanding when it comes to their electrical infrastructure.

The last one is entirely your choice. Many will have a bathroom nearby, so you won’t need to have plumbing in the mancave itself. In that case, you can ignore this requirement. Otherwise, you’ll want to have a small bathroom. You’ll also need to have some running water if you’re installing a bar in the mancave.

Decide On A Theme

Sometimes a man cave can be enhanced by deciding on a theme. Many man caves opt for an industrial style that consists of metal and hardwood paneling, though those materials can get expensive. Whichever theme you decide upon, you should get decorations that’ll last for a long time and look good, especially if you plan on introducing guests to the man cave.

Get A Table

While you have the final say on what makes it into the man cave, you should definitely get a table. Tables are the centerpieces of most rooms and you have a lot of choice in what kind of table you choose. It could be a standard table, a pool table, another sports-based table, or a foosball table for a more casual setting. As your vision for the mancave takes shape, throw a table in the middle of it.

Get A TV

Once again, we’re recommending a specific piece of equipment you should welcome into your man cave. This time, a television. Nowadays, televisions can have so many applications that can fit into any man cave, no matter what else is in the room. Sure, you can use them as a TV to watch cable or your favorite streaming services but you can also use them to game or watch Internet videos.

Stay Cool

If you plan on storing and serving drinks in your mancave, to yourself or guests, then you should have a way of keeping drinks cool. Get a refrigerator, preferably a sleek and small one that caters to your needs while gelling with the overall aesthetic of your cave. If you are opting for a built-in bar, you can store the refrigerator behind there and use it when serving drinks.

While we’re talking about staying cool, you may want to install a fan or something else that keeps your small space cool. This is especially important if you’re storing a lot of electronics in a small area.

Find The Right Lighting & Sound

You should place seating along the walls so that you’re not wasting space at the center of your man cave. From there, you can work on lighting and rigging the place with decent audio.

Keep LEDs to a minimum and try to install bar-style lights on the ceiling, with no fluorescents. You can have fun with some color variations if that fits your themes. You should have both, so you can have standard lighting and colorful lighting.

As for the sound, a 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound system should be fine for most man cave rooms. Corners are typically ideal for speakers as long as nobody sits directly under them. They can be wireless or wired, depending on what is more convenient.


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