Ideas for Basic Bedroom Lighting

In the flurry of picking out bedding, furniture, and a colour scheme for the bedroom, lighting is sometimes overlooked. That’s too bad, because proper illumination is crucial to the aesthetics of any residential space. Don’t just stick a lamp on the nightstand and call it a day; utilise these tips to design a well-thought-out lighting scheme for your bedroom, just as the stunning arrangement of lamps and ceiling fixture in this room by Robin Gannon Interiors.It’s important to have a variety of lighting options in every bedroom.

Your bedroom needs more than one light source unless it is very small. Bedtime reading, getting dressed and undressed, and basking in romantic ambiance are all simplified by a well-lit bedroom outfitted with a variety of lamps, from bedside to floor to ceiling. A Bedroom Chandelier Ideas and two little bedside wall sconces by designer Tobi Fairley illuminate this exquisite green and brown bedroom.

Lampshade with a Bold Pattern

Simple light fixtures may provide a dramatic flair to any space. For example, the black and white striped drum lampshade on the ceiling light in this bedroom by Tobi Fairley & Associates helps it stand out among the many other striking features of the room.In addition to looking great, thelightwire will also help to save room.

Using pendant lights instead of bedside lamps is one of the easiest ways to free up surface area on your nightstand, as seen in this chic environment designed by Jaimee Rose Interiors.

Use of Floor Lamps in the Bedroom

Like in this charming space from Krista + Home, a tall floor lamp is placed next to a comfy chair in the bedroom, creating a great place to sit and read or just ponder. What a lovely bedroom!

Put Bedroom Lights Up on Walls and Ceilings

A flush-mount ceiling fixture, like the one shown here by Studio McGee, is a popular choice for bedrooms. Although flush-mount lighting tends to get a bad rap for being boring or unsightly, this particular fixture illustrates that it doesn’t have to be.

Lighting Installed Within a Nook of a Headboard

A modest bedroom with plenty of natural light during the day, this Atelier Noel design features a flush-mount glass and brass ceiling lamp that can be turned on to illuminate the entire space, or the owner can opt for the recessed lighting situated above the headboard for a more subtle effect.

Lights That Hang Down From the Ceiling Partway

When compared to flush-mount fixtures, which are flush with the ceiling, and chandeliers and pendants, which drop lower on thin chains or poles, semi-flush-mount fixtures hang down only a few inches. The metal semi-flush-mount drum fixture in this trendy bedroom is from the Melissa Davis Group.

A Classical Chandelier for the Master Bedroom

It’s true that crystal chandeliers are the typical and classic choice, but they’re not the only alternative. This bedroom, designed by Tatum Brown Custom Homes, features a stunning gold 3-tier drum chandelier that serves as a major “Wow!” factor.

Wall sconces help you save room

The wall sconces featured here by Lindye Galloway Interiors are a terrific space-saving addition to a small bedroom like this one. An adjustable arm sconce allows you to direct the light precisely where you need it, whether that be on your book or the wall next to it.

Eclectic Sputnik Chandelier in a Bedchamber

The magnificent sputnik crystal chandelier in this bohemian bedroom is the cherry on top. The master bedroom by Anne Coyle Interiors is a lesson in how to employ colour, pattern, texture, and shine effectively.

Ceiling Track Lighting for the Master Bedroom

This modern bedroom by Sak Designs features track lighting to highlight some artwork for a dramatic impact, which is more commonly seen in the living room or kitchen.

Equipped with Complementary Lamps

A bedside lamp of some kind should be placed next to every bed. Lamps can be matched like Jana Bek Design did in this vibrant bedroom, or they can be mixed and matched for a more relaxed vibe. It will look good as long as the lamps are all of the same size.

Chandelier made of modern crystals

This magnificent chandelier blends two current lighting design tendencies into one: crystal chandeliers and drum pendants. Shophouse Design created this stylish modern bedroom.

Bedrooms with Bright Pendant Lights

The vivid pink pendant light is a major contributor to the room’s unique, vintage vibe. Shades for your lamps are a fun way to inject some pattern or colour into your sleeping space. That lovely interior was designed by Emily Henderson Interiors.

Wooden Light Fixture

A chandelier made of wood is a rugged alternative to the more feminine crystal variety. Here, Tracery Interiors employs a number of wooden details to establish an affable, manly atmosphere that most ladies would adore as much as their male counterparts.

Lamps at the bedside serve as decorative accessories

One of the simplest ways to inject some colour, texture, pattern, or contrast into your sleeping quarters is to switch up your bedside lamp. Kelly Rogers Interiors opted for a turquoise foo dog lamp like this one to sit atop a cheery yellow dresser. Injecting contrast into a space is a surefire way to make it feel alive.

Brass Light Fixture

Both the futuristic brass chandelier and the sleek swing-arm sconces in this contemporary bedroom by D2 Interieurs are works of art.

Insert Light Bulb

This elegant and sophisticated bedroom from Beach Glass Interior Design. The huge drum shade on the semi-flush ceiling fixture complements the shades on the bedside lamps.


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