ICCS Announces Student Grant Program for Up to 100% of Tuition


San Antonio, TX – The International College for Christian Studies (ICCS), a conservative, non-denominational institution, has announced a student grant program to help students pay up to 100% of tuition in an online degree program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The program can be utilized to obtain an Academic Certificate, Associate’s Degree, or Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Studies or Christian Ministry.

“The cost of education has skyrocketed,” said Jason McLendon, President of the International College for Christian Studies, “and many students simply cannot afford to pay the cost to obtain a degree. This program was started for those students who legitimately need financial assistance but are otherwise willing to commit to the level of effort and dedication required to obtain a college degree.”

The Student Grant Program is needs-based, and provides recipients the specific amount required by the student to attend school, up to 100% of tuition. Students must still pay all other associated expenses (application fees, technology fees, textbooks, etc.), but tuition is, by far, the highest associated cost. Grants are only available for students enrolled in an Academic Certificate or Degree program, and enrollment may be part-time or full-time.

“Our primary purpose at ICCS is to further contribute to the Great Commission by helping students develop their own personal walk with God and train them to become disciples who make disciples,” said McLendon. “We hope this program will enable more students to do just that.”

Interested parties can learn more about the program at www.ICCSonline.net.