i5t EOS stardust


The EOS I5T is a single AA battery with an incredible maximum output of 300 lumens and is an EDC tail-changer flashlight. It has a double helix knurling, blue accents, a distinctive look, good ventilation, and a strong grip. It has a robust body. It has a high-performance LED, coupled with a PMMA optic lens, providing an easy and balanced beam for gentle use. It also offers a double direction pocket clip with several carrying alternatives such as a pocket, backpack strap, or hat brim, like a headlight for hands-free experiences in seconds.

The Olight i5T is the ultimate auto torch, backpack, or daytime torch. This compact track light employs a high-performance Cool White LED for maximum capacity with 300 lumens and a beam reach of 196 feet.

The AA battery can operate for up to 20 hours with 2 operating modes. The standard aluminum body style is robust and the tail switch makes operation straightforward. It comes with a two-way clip for simple transportation.


Strong for its size

Compact and lightweight with a handy and widespread single-AA bacterium, it produces a maximum output of three hundred lumens and a maximum throw of sixty meters https://www.olightstore.com.

Different design.

A double body helix is created for unparalleled elegance, great ventilation, and strong adherence.

Deeply integrated Tail switch 

  • The user has a simple tail switch for instantaneous and fast mode changeover operations (15/300 lumens).
  • The tail-changer has an integrated spring, which makes the pressure smooth and correct; Embedded on a silicone surface with microscopic pearls, this switch delivers a glide-proof pressure.

Type of battery

1.5V AA Battery Included, please be aware of the two battery poles before installation.

Various transport options

With its dual orientation pocket clip, the flashlight may be carried or attached for hands-free experiences to a bandage cap or backpack. The clip can accommodate a lanyard hole with a diameter of 1.5 mm.

The i5T is the perfect palm size and is 95 mm in length. It lets you quickly access your thumb’s anti-slide pearling silicone tail switch while it is sitting pleasantly in the hand. It makes it also perfect to tuck in a coat pocket when leaving the dog or at night and fits conveniently for ordinary carriages in a purse or backpack.

Designed for easy usage, the i5T has only two settings, low and high, controlled by the smooth and crunchy tail switch. When soft pressing, the light output may be shut down momentarily and the soft pressing adjusts the brightness from low to high. When the switch is released, it is possible.

Press the button completely until a click is audible, once a low or high torch has been chosen, or if the torch has been completely switched on, it will appear at the bottom, and then when you switch off and start again, it will become high within 2 seconds. After 2 seconds you switch it off and turn again, the light will return to the low output by default.

The low-mode 15 lumens are excellent if a little bit of light is needed and others are not disturbed, which is why it is the first default. It is helpful to read or discover the keyhole in the dark at night.