I Combined Everyone’s Le-Vel Thrive Reviews: Here’s What I Learned

Le-Vel Thrive may be the most successful new health-and-wellness company of the last ten years, but do Thrive reviews match the hype?

Are you interested in bettering your health and well-being? Then chances are you’ve heard of Le-Vel, a company that started small that has achieved some big success. Le-Vel was originally founded in 2012, and in just ten years, this provider of nutritional supplements and other health-and-wellness products made the jump from a fledgling small business to a nearly 3-billion dollar – unicorn.

But while this kind of success certainly speaks to intelligent business practices, does it say much about Le-Vel’s customer base? After all, financial returns aren’t always the best method for measuring consumer happiness (for evidence, just look at how much revenue Walmart generated last year, and then compare it to their average customer satisfaction score). Instead, if you want to know what the customers think, you need to go to the source.

Here, I’m going to take a closer look at Le-Vel Thrive reviews, and see if I can get a clearer picture of the good, the bad, and everything else having to do with being a Thrive customer.

Why Look at Reviews?

Before we get started, I want to take just a second and qualify my approach. 

Reviews can be extremely useful — they offer insights into the experiences of real users, unfiltered through non-objective marketing or advertising gimmicks. But that doesn’t mean that reviews provide a totally clear picture. The truth is that not everyone who uses a product is motivated to review it. In most cases, only about 10% of satisfied customers bother sharing their experiences in any formal format. Unhappy customers, on the other hand, are much more vocal. This creates an unbalance in company reviews that tend to lean more towards the negative, regardless of the actual ratio of satisfied to unsatisfied users.

So why bother looking at reviews when they don’t always tell the whole story?

Well, because by recognizing that reviews may be made predominantly up of the more vocal, negative side of the argument, we can get a basic feeling for what issues might exist, while still knowing that we should be weighing positive reviews more heavily — after all, if someone is happy enough with their experience to make the effort, then that, in itself, says something important. 

Where to Find the Most Relevant Reviews?

It’s not hard to find Le-Vel Thrive reviews; a quick Google search will land you on any number of sites, and sometimes it seems like social media is absolutely awash with glowing recommendations and personal stories of Le-Vel-brand success. But for the sake of objectivity (and time), I’ve decided to look in two very different places, each with its own subjective leanings: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Le-Vel Thrive review and testimonial page on the company’s website.

My logic is thus: the Le-Vel site will likely only share positive reviews (it wouldn’t be very smart to invest time and energy into hosting negative reviews). Conversely, the BBB exists as a platform for customer complaints and is likely more weighted toward negative experiences. By looking at these opposing ends of the spectrum, we should be able to construct an accurate image of the Le-Vel Thrive customer experience. 

Le-Vel Thrive Reviews Page

As expected, the reviews on the Le-Vel Thrive testimonial page are all extremely positive. Users reported increased energy, improved mood, better appetite management, and an easier time concentrating and remaining focused throughout the day. Interestingly enough, this matches many reviews I found on non-affiliated sites. 

Apparently, this is because the Thrive 3-step system (consisting of a daily regimen of capsules, meal shakes, and the adhesive Thrive DFT) is essentially an advanced nutrition delivery system designed for maximum bioavailability. There’s nothing magical about it; it’s just a unique and novel approach to getting the various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes the body needs to feel and perform at its best. All of the ingredients are naturally sourced, eliminating the dangers of filler chemicals or synthetic ingredients. 

One thing to note about the Thrive reviews featured on the Le-Vel site is that not every user is reporting the exact same experience, particularly in terms of how long it takes to see results. It’s likely that an individual’s body chemistry and habits may affect how quickly this kind of dietary shift can take effect. 

OK. That’s the positive. Now brace yourself, because we’re about to journey into a much less-optimistic realm. 

The Better Business Bureau

One notices two things when they first arrive on the Le-Vel page of the BBB. One is that the average review score sits at about 2.5 out of 5 stars. The other is that the BBB has awarded Le-Vel with an A+ rating. This tells me a few things, and it may not be what you’re expecting. 

First, the mid-range review score isn’t actually a point against Le-Vel. In fact — given that these are reviews submitted to an organization specifically created to handle complaints — I would expect there to be a much higher ratio of negative to positive reviews. To put it another way, if you accept the rule of thumb that only 10% of happy customers leave reviews when compared to unhappy customers, this suggests that for every positive review that makes it to the BBB there are nine satisfied customers who aren’t reviewing.

But what about that rating? Does 2.5 out of 5 stars warrant an A+? To understand that number you need to take a look at how the BBB assigns its ratings. It turns out that rating has nothing to do with customer reviews. Instead, BBB ratings are based on factors such as how well the company resolves complaints, how transparent they are in its practices, and whether the government has taken any action to penalize them. So, while the A+ rating doesn’t say that every review is positive, it does suggest that the company and its products are legitimate. 

But this is supposed to be about the reviews. What are the negative BBB Thrive reviews saying?

Again, I’m surprised. It appears that most of the negative Le-Vel Thrive reviews on the BBB site have little to do with how effective the products are. Instead, the majority of these reviews relate to specific problems associated with issues such as shipping and billing. It looks like most of these issues stemmed from simple errors or miscommunications, which Le-Vel then quickly stepped in to resolve. 


I’ve looked at the best and I’ve looked at the worst, and what I found wasn’t nearly as damning as I expected. The positive reviews speak of improved health, while the negative ones mostly focus on easily-fixed logistical concerns. So, what did I learn after taking a look at the full range of Le-Vel Thrive reviews? Just that there’s probably more to Le-Vel’s ongoing success than strong business practices.