I can’t see my boyfriend”: how to keep a relationship going if you are quarantined

Can’t you see yourself in quarantine and are you afraid of leaving? Don’t worry: here’s how to keep a relationship (temporarily) secure at a distance

The obligation to stay at home has alarmed all couples who are currently unable to meet.

The distance relationships are difficult even when it accepts from the outset, let alone when to impose the distance is a decree law.

The distance after a few days weighs and the video calls are not the same thing , the partner seems that in some moments it is more distant and the mind begins to wander between question marks and negative thoughts.

In the most difficult moments, even reassurances are not enough and the fear that this physical distance may generate an emotional one in the long run is widespread.

All false, especially if you find a way to live the situation serenely.

Here is how to keep in touch a relationship that – momentarily – you have to live at a distance.

Establish a (new) couple routine

One of the great resources of human beings is the ability to adapt.

A new way of life corresponds to a new way of reacting and in this case too something new must be built starting from routine.

For example, if you used to see your partner every night before, now you can recreate those moments through other means such as phone calls or video chats.

Or, again, start a new TV series together , to watch each one at home, but rigorously simultaneously to comment on it together.

You can establish  new rhythms of couple that can make you feel close even if far away.

Plan something to do together (when it’s all over)

Another way to overcome this moment of distance with more serenity is to plan together the first things you will do when the situation returns to normal.

Start with the simplest things like day trips, barbecues with friends or visits to your city.

Then you can also start thinking about weekends out of town or longer trips.

It will help you stay focused on the positive experiences that you will soon be able to start living together again.

Share your moods

Sharing is an important element that must not be missed in these moments of distance.

It’s okay to talk about the days, the activities you do and your smart working but remember that deep sharing should also involve your most emotional part.

How are you experiencing the situation? Do you have moments -physiological- in which you feel sad or afraid? How do you live them and how do you get out of them?

Don’t hide your fears: share your thoughts with your partner and you will feel even closer.

Think that every day brings you closer

There may be days when the partner will seem to react well to the situation and the distance but there may also be others in which he experiences moments of down and vice versa.

Keep accusations and nervousness aside, this is the moment of support and to help yourself live every day thinking that it is one more step towards the moment in which you can embrace each other again.

If you miss, it will be a new confirmation that your relationship will continue in full swing.

Come on, we’ll get out of it: seeing you again will be wonderful.