Hypochlorous Acid: Harnessing Nature’s Germ Killer

We are currently facing one of humanity’s biggest challenges: The Corona Virus. The reason behind the spread of this virus is the callous nature of man. The simplest reason is the fact that people do not have any sense of hygiene. Given the use of our hand’s multiple times in a day, it is important to keep it clean and germ-free. All that you need to do is to add a bottle of Hypochlorous acid sanitizer. Use a drop of the sanitizer on your palms and rub it until it evaporates. The whole process must take you about 15-20 seconds. If the time taken is lesser than that, you may have not done a good job of using the sanitizer. The main ingredient used is electrolyzed water hypochlorous acid which is also known as nature’s germ killer.

What is electrolyzed water hypochlorous acid

Also known as electrolyzed water, it has been used as a substitute in place of chlorine in sanitizers. It is minimally organic and is not susceptible to changes in the external climate unlike materials and ingredients with an organic origin. It is created when tap water is electrolyzed which gives us a solution of hypochlorous water and sodium hydroxide. Since both of these elements are good disinfectants, the best method to use it would be to have a higher proportion of the former. This acid is also found as a natural compound in the body. Thus, it can be replicated to use it as a disinfectant for the surroundings.

HOCL and your environment

As previously mentioned, the human immune system naturally has HOCL as a compound that is used to fight infections by the body. It is produced in the body with just water, salt, and electricity. When HOCL is used as a disinfectant it produces salty water as a by-product. HOCL, when produced in the lab, is created in such a way that it does not cause any harmful effects to humans. It is even used to disinfect drinking water which stands as a testimony to its harmlessness. It is not flammable and is non-toxic to humans and even your furry friends. This ultimately means that it is a boon for the environmentally conscious. Yes, Greta, we hear you.

Benefits of using a disinfectant

  • Though regular cleaning can get rid of the soil, only a Hypochlorous acid cleaner is capable of killing infection-causing germs.
  • Even the most random surfaces like your doorknobs can have millions of germs on it. Disinfectants are the only way to exterminate them.
  • In the case of hospitals, all the medical equipment must be cleaned regularly to avoid germ build-up. Hypochlorous acid cleaners are the most sought after disinfectants.
  • Studies show that you can avoid the transfer of respiratory illnesses and stomach infections by regularly sanitizing your hands with a Hypochlorous acid sanitizer.
  • Using HOCL is a cheap and effective method of disinfecting your surroundings as it as a wide microbial extermination spectrum and is also easy to use.
  • Given the current spread of the Covid19, HOCL is your go-to in keeping your family safe.

On reading this, you would surely want to purchase a hypochlorous acid cleaner but with so many choices in the market, it is difficult to choose a single brand. Fret not, head straight to Clean Republic’s website. Their entire line of disinfectants is made using an environmentally friendly process. The disinfectants are not just potent but are also non-toxic. You can easily use it for your home and office. Stay Clean, Stay Healthy!

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