4 Proven Ways of Growing Muscles

If you are linked to bodybuilding(hypertrophy), heavy and strong muscles are obviously your dream. Even if you are not somehow associated with bodybuilding, strong and beautiful muscles you should have for a glamorous look. 

Those who are focused to grow their muscles, patience isn’t for them. For sure, it will take some time. But if you are working hard to grow your muscles for months but all in vain, you are lacking something.

Only dedication and hard work aren’t required for muscle growth, quality food is essential with the workout. Without a good approach for muscle growth, workout and time is a terrible thing to waste.

A little result with a massive workout isn’t the result you should be looking for. You should go for a result that impresses you and others.

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Here are some ways to make your muscles strong and grow them.

Increase Training:

It is very simple, the strength and growth of your muscles is directly dependent on your training. The number of sets multiplies by number of reps define how your muscles will grow. It is the primary determiner of hypertrophy.

Pulling more weight and doing fewer reps will not aid in growing muscles. Go low for the weight, increase number of reps and increase the number of sets.

Increase volume of training, workout and decrease the time for rest and cheat days.

An increasing number of reps doesn’t mean that now you can rest more after one set. The time of resting after one set should be minimum.

10 to 20 reps and 3 to 6 sets for each of your lifts is good training.

Add Bone broth in your Diet:

Bone Broth should be in your diet. Bone broth is a nutrient-rich diet. It contains all the essential nutrients for the body. It is also very good for the health of bones. Bone Broth provides collagen for bones.

While lifting weigh, your bones should be strong enough to bear the weight. Bone broth provides that strength to your bones.

Bone broth powder packets are available in the market. You can keep them with you while training. Just mix bone broth powder in a cup of hot water and use it before or after the workout.

Using it before a workout will provide you extra energy by boosting your metabolism. Using it after the workout will fulfill the requirement of protein and other essential nutrients for your muscles.

Focus on Eccentric Phase:

You have got an eccentric and concentric phase when lifting any weight. Concentric is a tough or hard phase while eccentric is easy.

Understand it with an example, when you lower down weight while an exercise for your arm muscle, it is an eccentric action. When you pull weight up it is a concentric action.

According to many researches, you should carefully perform eccentric actions. Eccentric actions are a good trigger for hypertrophy than concentric actions.

Have you ever wondered, In the gym, trainers are asking to lose weight slowly for any type of exercise? They always try to trigger hypertrophy by carefully focusing on the eccentric phase.

Remove Toxins From Your Body:

For good muscle growth, your body should be toxins free. If there are harmful toxins in your stomach or any other organ of the body, they will make you lazy and dull.

Toxins in your body will lose your strength and weaken you, you’ll not be able to increase your training volume.

You will lose your stamina and will not be able to work out for a good amount of sets and reps.

Toxins will not let your stomach digest the food properly. No matter if you are drinking bone broth are intaking supplements, your muscles will not grow.

Drink a glass of master cleanse daily to remove toxins from your body. Master cleanse will keep your body toxins free and help you in the digestion of your food. Adding this diet in your routine will ultimately result in the growth of your muscles.


There are many other ways to improve your strength and grow your muscles. But you should start with some of them. Adopting all at once could be hectic. This is why I only discussed 4. Following them will generate dramatic results. This is the true hypertrophy.

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Anna Smith

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